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  1. Alright, cool. Cause I didn't want the game to be taken offline for the reason of "it's not making money" when the only way it makes money isn't beforehand.
  2. Haven't seen this mentioned, but on multiple systems I've tested (Xbox Series S and X), the Armas Marketplace isn't working on Xbox. Load up the game and it's just a white screen with a generic server error. Able to exit out and continue to the game though.
  3. I've been through all 6 of the Prentiss areas with my sound system up to 40 when it's loud at 25 and no wicked laughing and no extra particle effects found. I could have easily completed this if they all made noise and sparked like they are supposed to do.
  4. I'm currently at 149/150 for Watefront of getting the Purple Pumpkins about 10 hours after starting. Primary issue being that on my One X I've had to manually check every corner, light post, car spawner, balcony, sign and planter with my eyes as I run through because the laughing they are supposed to do isn't happening for 90% of them and I've only had the sparkle effects show on maybe a dozen in here. One of them I found after I re-logged because it was high up over a road I had driven through about 10 times and only saw because it was giving off purple sparkles. My last one is somewhere in Prentiss but I don't think I'm going to find it if I need to find a dark ball that also rarely has it's bright face showing and it likes to look at the wall it's by.
  5. (Xbox)TonySki

    Bayland down

    Yeah, it's odd how it was completely missing from the login screen.
  6. Was down yesterday afternoon but up tonight. So it's just random when it works.
  7. So either someone I play against is super sweaty tryhard or they're cheating with modified equipment. Using the Mountie SF9 full auto at 40 meters for a kill in less than a second for example. Thus I've reported them on the APB side and on the XBL Side. Doing it on the XBL Side automatically blocks them. But playing tonight, I get matched up against them and their cheating ways still. Or Tryhard and playing against people like that is not enjoyable. So why isn't the blocking work to stop getting matched up against them? It wasn't a witness, it was a mission match up.
  8. So I've been trying to get into social for 2 days. Yesterday around 9 pm central time it wasn't working and still down when I was done with Financial a few hours later around 11:30 pm - midnight. Today at 8:15 PM central time it's down again. US Server. Also it was a few weeks ago I signed in at night and it wasn't working. This was Past midnight when I got off work. I bought some G1C and then the body mods for my Nulander Kurai but I haven't been able to put them on because of that main district being down. In game asking current players they last saw the district up 4 days ago. Do we need to open a support ticket every-time it goes down or is there a more direct way of just sending a ping about "hay, server's down."
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