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  1. ‘Postponing engine update’ in developers words means ‘might be done one day… by someone else… in long future’. Will be checking then game finally shuts down.
  2. Thats the point. LO should stop pushing this idea to submit tickets to support because we still see same people running with cheats. And this fact by itself proves fact that support is not banning cheaters. I can not understand how they can’t ban people that literally streaming while cheating. And why you need to perfom some kind of ‘super investigation’ in game that has 600 monthly players. With FF, bans went left and right, but somehow LO makes banning some kind of million $ deal even if player is obv cheating. Or they just dont have enough staff or they don’t want to ban paying players and that s****
  3. Or better open browser, go to website, log in to support page, send ticket with attached video footage that you cut from whole 30 min recording. Dunno, seems fast, easy, responsible to me. And by doing this you will deff get answer from CS, because with /report you wont get anything!
  4. What other facts you like to create on daily basis?
  5. Ignored lol atleast i can buy that obeya..dunno if i should really..
  6. Whats bad about 60?! playing with 20-30 lol pro gamers attacking
  7. Agree 100%, I said it many times, Im playing with Intel graphics, i5 1.6Ghz and can still be competetive. Configs are huge bs in my opinion. Why? How? People are still playing with 10 years old pc or smth?
  8. So for some reason, out of nowhere, this problem occured. guys, stop using cheats, not only you lost acc due to installing them but also ruined game for several other people
  9. Same. Can more people agree on this? This constant rage on forums is not helping LO and us but yet there is no other things left to do. Please bring back EAC, so atleast we can play properly till 2.1 release.
  10. Aint changing in near future, better dont play as many of us. Why bother playing with cheaters/dethreaters. And you even cant call them out. Check newest eu upgrade post, we wont see any changes any time soon.
  11. According to roadmap “serious” deadlines only started this week. Come back in few months
  12. Thats your narrative amazing post, people are delivering
  13. And after that much waiting you get opp that dethreats on purpose.
  14. Takes time to get good with it, really needs practise, especially in close range fights. Worth learning tho
  15. For me it used to be one of most n00biest tactics, but at this point, I would just go for it. If LO manages to push such weapon balances then who cares about tactics anyway, even if they are total garbage
  16. Remote detonator, osmaw, opgl, percs, car play, running. Shie***t, soo many tactics to choose from if you hate weapons
  17. I literally dont log in for several weeks already because of this reason. Dethreaters trigger me hard
  18. Too many for you, too few for me. Crazy story ye?
  19. You want EAC just to ban +-30 players? I mean, apb have like 500-600 peak players daily, how many cheaters log-in daily? Better focus on that amazing eu development
  20. This will be fixed in 2023 after all other problems, so dont worry too much about it...
  21. People tend to log in after “huge” news :)) No, apparently you did
  22. Nothing mentioned about current pop state. You guys dont care about the fact that people continue to leave. Why are you betting everything on brand new players? Current atittude towards us truly bad. And you made strict deadlines starting from Feb.1. So how did you develop this game before? Sounds like you didnt care to meet any deadlines. Not to mention your EU update thread. I hope you finally deliver till 2022
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