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  1. Oh you got it solved? That's awesome if so! Im happy to have been of help!
  2. The commander aura says you gain 5% extra xp, harvest speed, random AP PER STACK. Yesterday when I logged out it showed I had 4 stacks, but now when I log in it only has 1 stack... So do the stacking actually work? Do you really get 5% per stack, and if so, HOW do you increase the stacks?? Or do you only get 5% no matter how many stacks it has and the extra stacks is just a leftover graphical thing?
  3. Thanks for that feedback! I didnt know they had exclusive patch posts on Twitter. I dont use Twitter, cant stand the platform really, so I guess I miss out on patch updates . (I dont understand why they would keep some of the patch updates on Twitter only?). Oh shoot, I didnt even notice this was the case, I thought it was only graphical! But they seemed to have it fixed now, and it is perhaps possible that a patch was released and downloaded for me while I was reinstalling all those times, and so that was simply what fixed it (and not anything I did lol).
  4. Caching of shaders other than in the game installation folder is a very common practice with games, but I have no idea if this is actually the case with Fallen Earth. Where do you see or know from that they made a patch that fixed terrain loading stuff? I couldnt find any update posts with any details (but maybe im blind lol!).
  5. Thanks for the help. I tried all that and it didnt help (but those were good suggestions!). Then I proceeded to uninstall, reinstall, uninstall, reinstall, uninstall, reinstall, installing on another harddisk drive etc etc, fiddling with graphics settings, restarting my computer uninstall, install again again. Suddenly it worked. Sadly I have no idea what the hell I exactly did to suddenly make it work again. All I can say is: the game must be hiding some textures, or shaders or whatever, somewhere else than the actual games installation folder. And these files, whereever they may be, are NOT deleted upon uninstallation (obviously, since simply uninstalling and making sure that actual FEC folder is deleted and then installing game again did not get rid of the issue.). But maybe somehow along the way when you reinstall, fiddle with graphics settings, etc these files may get updated, deleted, overwritten or whatever is really actually happening. I would love if the developers could inform us WHERE they store these secret texture files so that I may easily fix it by deleting them should it happen again in the future. But if that doesnt happen I may start monitoring the Frontend.exe process with Windows task managers ressource monitor in the disk section to see if I can spot access to files on the harddrive that may have something to do with textures/shaders etc.
  6. Okay I now tried to reinstall the game. I uninstalled it from Steam, then installed it again on a new drive. Yet the issue persist. It's like these texture that are messed up actually place someplace else than the actual games installation folder. How does one COMPLETELY AND ENTIRELY remove all traces of the game from everywhere on my harddisks? Where could these corrupt textures be hiding on my harddisk??
  7. Thank you! Do you have a suggestion to how to fix it?
  8. Why can I not find my own thread in the Bugs and Tech Issues forum? This would mean no one can see it and there no one can respond. As can be seen from this image below, my thread is not visible.
  9. Suddenly textures are missing from everything when Advance Post-FX is enabled. Worked fine earlier today, but not now. (see screenshot below) What I have tried to fix: - choose low, medium, high, very high default settings from the drop down menu. - verified integrity in steam (all files validated successfully). - tried running in full screen / window - enabling / disabling vsync What I have not tried: - Reinstalling the game - Deleting configuration file (as I do not know where to find it). Any help appreciated.
  10. I wanna play this with my son again. We played it long ago when he was like 6, but he so fondly remembers dad and son on our bikes crossing the wasteland to kill baddies and explore that huge world xD
  11. If that is your opinion, then why are you here? My kids wants to play it with me again, we played it years ago and it could be fun revisiting it with them. It's really fun when I read the mission text and explain things to them, and then we go complete the missions together.
  12. Hi, I have an old account I used for my kids, years ago. When I use the password for it now it says it is invalid. When I try to reset password it wants me to sign in with a mail adresse to gamersfirst. Problem is that account was always logged in through Steam, it never got an email attached as far as I know. If I try to contact support for the game it requires me to login with my mail (!) which I obvious cant, because there is no mail to login with!! How do I progress from here??
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