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  1. Ahem .... why PINK ? xD
  2. Now we can also don't call it "bounty" anymore , cuz that word lost all itz meaning.
  3. If i get it right they should be back today, or tomorrow
  4. Swapping sides in a mission its already a thing (but yheah they are rare as winning the top item from a JMB). They just could them happen more often.
  5. And then what about the "survive without being converted" in nutcracker stuff ? xD
  6. Oh i was hoping for that with all my heart tbh Not only it was reward lot of JT but it was also fun.
  7. (aside from insuts) Cuz they will restore the eu servers ?
  8. Well also with threat segregation in bronze instances you had high chances of facing golds.
  9. I suggest to fix that bug wich send me totally blank mails. idk if happen only to me tough.
  10. The thing i like about no threat districts is that finally i have no more to spam for 10 min trying to join the only 1 populated instance i am allowed to join cuz threat restriction.
  11. In the top screen click "steam" and "setting" , in the account tab it show you the licked mail with steam.
  12. I think that APB itz a game made by the devil itself .
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