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  1. It is not possible to activate the detonator when you are died, likely you cant do any action when you are died You heard the wind-up noise late just because an little desync caused by server ping , i also had my own experience because i remember sometimes hearing the wind-up noise for about 5 seconds and BOOM and sometimes the wind-up noise just last 1 or 2 seconds and BOOM, i know itz weird .
  2. Idk how this could be a problem since everyone should know that the name is the one bigger on top and the title is usually smaller and it always stays under the name .
  3. You just have to raise your rank with contacts standing.
  4. Some nice weapon skins, premium and some ARMAS weapon that i really want.
  5. Well , i crawl on my bare arms so my situation is even worst
  6. Hey you are not the only that use good graphic settings and i dont know whats going on with those that says theyr pc cant handle this game at high graphical settings. I used to run the game with Maximum video settings even with my previous "ancient" pc ( an 8 years old pc with 6 gb ram, intel i7 860 2.80 GHz and GTX 470 lol).
  7. Yes everyone have this problem, cause the game asking to change the password to everyone who use steam auto-login. And the only other solution for me was just to create another account since i was not playing the game for ages and i decide to start from scratch.
  8. Anyway, does them cripple your computer in any way ?
  9. Uh ye it's a bug ^0^ but fortunally itz not an overwhelming one since you have to made 2 clicks to solve it.
  10. So ? ( xD ) You can't close them manually in task manager ?
  11. You can try not to sleep, but after some days I think you are gonna turn mad.
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