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  1. I heared that it usually happens when you log in from another computer or update windows. Idk if you did any of those.
  2. Yes do it FOR THE LOVE OF GOD!! Anyway, never tried the advanced launcher thingy? There should be an option to decrease the particles and the lifespan of the smoke.
  3. Mybe the bloody screen could make difficulty to recognize the color of a player nickname but at least you are very aware that you are about to die and likely try to find some cover I personally think that an health bar without any mark of red screen, you even would'nt know that you are about to die due to the fast paced action
  4. Alright, so as Azukii said you first have to get the "member" title by posting more.
  5. My dude, you have both the option to change e-mail and username.
  6. LoL, are you kidding me? You litterally have ur displayed name with the "change" option right in the first page of account settings
  7. "Premium : Am i a joke to you?"
  8. Maybe, but i say "maybe" (and when xD) engine upgrade will land maybe we will have the blue flash back, cuz i saw also traced bullets effects in da video.
  9. Oh u remind me the time when you can had a blue muzzle flash if your weapon was modded :S
  10. But wasnt the report function broken ?
  11. Do you really think it is a bug ? .... ohh so ironic
  12. Ahem .... why PINK ? xD
  13. Now we can also don't call it "bounty" anymore , cuz that word lost all itz meaning.
  14. If i get it right they should be back today, or tomorrow
  15. Swapping sides in a mission its already a thing (but yheah they are rare as winning the top item from a JMB). They just could them happen more often.
  16. And then what about the "survive without being converted" in nutcracker stuff ? xD
  17. Oh i was hoping for that with all my heart tbh Not only it was reward lot of JT but it was also fun.
  18. (aside from insuts) Cuz they will restore the eu servers ?
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