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  1. SkyFix

    Game not starting?

    This didnt help sadly, this has been happening since the Easter Update, before that this never happened...
  2. SkyFix

    Game not starting?

    So whenever I start the game since the new easter update I keep getting this message and when I try to reopen, Easy Anti Cheat is saying Stop_Pending? Help please...
  3. SkyFix

    A new threat level?

    Many is asking Why Pink!? And some say platinum is better, differing Platinum and Silver is hard, having it be pink will make it easy to see what threat
  4. SkyFix

    A new threat level?

    That could be a solution too. But adding an additional threat will make players come back as they 'redid' the levels, new players will try to get it and play even more. Not a color but above gold would do alot for players who want to be the best.
  5. So whenever I am playing and there is alot of sounds going on (mostly explosives) there will be stuttering in the sound, like its lagging behind and stutters which is super annoying when listening for players. Is there any fix for this?
  6. SkyFix

    A new threat level?

    So I am currantly stuck between Silver and Gold, an idea came to mind where if we had another threat level, this would make it easier to have a precise threat for some players Let me introduce: Master/Pink threat This would be a new threat above gold and will be needing double the experience then what it takes to get gold.
  7. SkyFix

    Login causes freeze

    Could I ask why this keeps happening, its alwyas been present for me...
  8. SkyFix

    Login causes freeze

    The issue has returned, please I need help fixing this...
  9. SkyFix

    No objectives in game?

    Whenever I am playing suddenly the icons disapear, like I cant see where the objectives are but on the map, not even checkpoints. Example when you are by the npc it should show they are around you as a small bubble to follow.
  10. Oh I see, I wonder what is the droprate for the Golden Mystery Boxes aswell ^^
  11. This I know with the sling colby and you said you can only get it from Loyalty rewards, is there any chart to see the chance of getting certain weapons?
  12. So I have been searching all over but I seem to not be able to find the Colby 1922 Mk.3/Tommygun, its the colby 1922 with 3 open mod slots... Where can you get one?
  13. SkyFix

    Login causes freeze

    It isnt an RTX card though...
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