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  1. SkyFix

    Login causes freeze

    Could I ask why this keeps happening, its alwyas been present for me...
  2. SkyFix

    Login causes freeze

    The issue has returned, please I need help fixing this...
  3. SkyFix

    No objectives in game?

    Whenever I am playing suddenly the icons disapear, like I cant see where the objectives are but on the map, not even checkpoints. Example when you are by the npc it should show they are around you as a small bubble to follow.
  4. Oh I see, I wonder what is the droprate for the Golden Mystery Boxes aswell ^^
  5. This I know with the sling colby and you said you can only get it from Loyalty rewards, is there any chart to see the chance of getting certain weapons?
  6. So I have been searching all over but I seem to not be able to find the Colby 1922 Mk.3/Tommygun, its the colby 1922 with 3 open mod slots... Where can you get one?
  7. SkyFix

    Login causes freeze

    It isnt an RTX card though...
  8. How will this affect purchases from the Armas store?
  9. I wass hoping the armas marketplace would go up so I could buy premium and stuff I want xP
  10. I am still happy to hopefully come home to relax with APB (Ps am fro Citadel so itll probably be up at 4pm my time)
  11. Ok ty Yes indeed, just my addiction to APB is way to high~
  12. Was hoping for someone on the staff team to reply, but thanks ^^
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