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  1. Raytracing would drop your fps from 145 to 30
  2. Maybe, or simple solution would be if u become gold in bronze u dont get mission and u have 2mins to go other district or u get kick. Simple solution.
  3. Maybe it was bug with 145fps when character keep sliding when u stop running.
  4. Maybe better how hard it will be to make almost imposible (500% harder) to lose gold thread? or if u are r200+ you cant lose gold after u get it. That would save new little bronzers
  5. It worked for me, now i dont get Client spikes.Btw my ping was fine before and after update only spikes from server made my game freeze for some milliseconds now its fine
  6. valdas001

    fps drops

    Whats memory speed? Do u have A-XMP enabled? Does your ram run in dual channel mode?
  7. You can try up it to 3600, and for timings u can try use ryzen ram calculator.
  8. valdas001

    Hit reg issues.

    2080 super.
  9. Ram speed and timings
  10. valdas001

    Hit reg issues.

    My friend playing with rtx and dont get this error.
  11. Im using amd and dont have fps drops, only lag spike from server when everyone in server gets it. And im playing at 120-145fps. Yes, and shadows are broken, but ambient oclusion works good if using virtual resoliution and setting resolution at 2k or 4k
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