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  1. I think you are the one who crying in bronze district. When random bounty killed you while taking care of bronzers.
  2. thats why they now ruined it because of killing own faction...
  3. Next move will be to remove missions from game, then no one can interfere while driving around map doing nothing....
  4. Yes game getting worse with some changes i dont like.
  5. Now only way to kill bounty that is not in mission is by teamkilling it or taking Truck.
  6. I agree, now u cant kill bounty at all after mission.
  7. i was alot of time bounty. And In VIP missions / last stage kill missions when random bounty killed you it didnt counted, so it wasnt problem. maybe atleast let kill bounty when both are not in mission and missions without opposit.
  8. For god sake why did you guys touched bounty system???? It wasnt broken and didnt need fix. Now after mission u cant hunt bounty, even on mission enemy bounty doesnt show on minimap.
  9. How about reverting bounty changes? Now its totaly BS. Now after mission can only grief because u can hunt bounty. And btw if u get opposition abadonmission not works....
  10. I hope new cpus gives more stable server tick rate because now it was 35-45. Does new cpus have higher clocks or more cores?
  11. valdas001

    WTF Laggy names

    I thought russian letters was disabled in citadel several month ago.....
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