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  1. I have same issue, 1 month already no answer from support.
  2. Not for extra 30 fps but for fps drop in smoke/car explosion.
  3. If can try make it atleast to 3600mhz 16cl because it also increase infinity fabrick speed.
  4. valdas001

    Graphic issues

    If you see green pixel on civils then disable anti aliasing, when other player is glowing its just a bug that happens when character customisation is loaded cant be fixed on user side.
  5. valdas001

    Crashing on Spawn

    If your screen freeze in spawn window u need fast minimize game and then go back to game, my friend with rtx2080super said that.
  6. Maybe its internet provider.
  7. Its rtx bug, when u see your screen freeze press alt +tab or windows key to get into desktop then u can maximize game again ant it should be good for next spawn
  8. Raytracing would drop your fps from 145 to 30
  9. Maybe, or simple solution would be if u become gold in bronze u dont get mission and u have 2mins to go other district or u get kick. Simple solution.
  10. Maybe it was bug with 145fps when character keep sliding when u stop running.
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