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  1. https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/14Se8enEeEPNpq2fst-3hucS_cm3x0zVVcqCLFs352as/edit?usp=sharing thumper revert when???
  2. can we have the medium tee for females aswell? the normal ringer tee is too tight
  3. Explosives in asylum should be a bannable offense. This is a hill im willing to die on.
  4. scout is fine, buff the jumpshooting and make it the only sniper in the game. The HVR is impossible to balance, nerf it too much and it gets overshadowed by the scout, nerf it too little and its insanely broken. remove it. It doesnt have a place.
  5. bro what? the gun is still busted. Its still TOO good TOO easily. It does not belong in the game at all. Nerf it to the ground or remove it.
  6. i can no longer downvote garbage opinions like the hvr should be a 1 shot kill. sad.
  7. revert thumper changes next please thank
  8. harnesses, straps, gun holsters, stuff like that. If my outfit isnt borderline bdsm i dont want it.
  9. Pretty sure youve always been able to shoot through player cars that arent in your mission
  10. what happens when you go MIA for a year mr dibbz, better start playing more
  11. Dezire

    please fix this

    I too want vapensortering
  12. but then i wont be able to hit my shots
  13. Oh it was a joke, my windows is legit and i got it fixed kinda quickly. Was just one of the .dlls that were corrupted.
  14. I will let you know that my 2 dollar windows key from ebay is very real sir
  15. the fond memories of a problem-free battlEye game are back
  16. This seems like a good step in the right direction. I am however wondering how detecting mouse-specific program macros will work. As far as i know most major mouse brands these days have a program which usually contains a macro feature. Will it be detecting inputs or will we have to make sure that such programs (e.g. Logitech G HUB) are closed before we open the game to not get falsely flagged
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