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  1. There's GTA Online, but I'm surprised that game managed to remain somewhat popular when the engine and netcode are complete garbage. I can't think of any other game besides GTA Online where players have the ability to literally crash-to-desktop other players' game clients at will. How can any company think that's okay? I don't think any other game has the customization level of APB because it's probably too demanding on the servers, if the past performance of APB's servers through its lifetime is anything to go by.
  2. Name: Xnetexe Server: Jericho (NA) #UglySweater I decided to make a sarcastic Thanksgiving sweater since it's still November.
  3. At one point it was, as I was Punkbuster'ed and permabanned for it back in 2014, and then unbanned shortly afterwards after using Xneat.
  4. Adding JT rewards to the end of each Riot match might make people keep playing Riot after getting the skins, getting more people to play Riot. @MattScott can you consider doing this?
  5. A game with a 3.7-4.2 Hz clock... Runescape?
  6. Locking a weapon behind really low RNG odds is poor design. And the possibility of getting a nano activity for a contact in a district that has no players only makes it worse.
  7. I think the Stheno should be available for perm. It's a Joker Distribution exclusive and the only alternative is to get the Euryale as a 56k G1C Loyalty reward.
  8. Back when G1 was still around, some clothing items were made available, mainly some of the items from the Revelations pack. However, now when I look at those items on Armas there's no option to purchase them as account bound. Can we still buy them as account bound or was that feature scrapped all together?
  9. If only gifting weren't removed, then I'd love to make stuff in return for some premium.
  10. @MattScott Are High Heel Ankle Boots going to be added to the Joker Distribution store, as you stated in:
  11. Hightops were on the list. Seems like only the High Heel Ankle Boots are missing.
  12. Same. Pretty disappointing to get stuck on the loading screen for 15 minutes only to find out what you wanted doesn't exist. Inb4 it was removed because it would affect the High Roller clothing sales.
  13. The issue I have is that this is a significant change that came out of the blue. I don't remember any post saying that event items were also going to be added to Armas.
  14. If it costs $1.50 for an item that takes 3+ hours to get for free, why bother to do the event when you can just directly buy it for chump change?
  15. I've noticed that there's stuff that periodically changes on the 'Featured' section of Armas that don't appear in their respective categories, such as Impact Shinguards. Right now you can buy Devil Wings, which were an event-only cosmetic from the Purple Pumpkin Smashing event. What other items have been featured on armas?
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