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  1. Don't chargebacks occur after payment? That wouldn't change anything except making it more inconvenient. I think it'd be better if there were a minimum playtime on an account before it can gift, as that would prevent being able to quickly create and gift on throwaway accounts. Temporary items (i.e. prem and gun rentals) can't be revoked if they've already been used and/or expired, and there may not have been a method at the time to remove unlocks (i.e. clothing) on an account.
  2. Joker CR-15 'CBS' and Charge Cisco 'CBS' are also only available from JMBs (although only for limited duration IIRC).
  3. Damn, I unfortunately have work during the beta. Will the FFA R&D III be available from Joker Distribution? It's a legendary and was only obtainable from special JMBs.
  4. Here's without pants, for whatever it's worth: Name: Netekusu Bio: A field technician who's good at her job. So good, that she typically finishes her day's work by noon and spends the rest of her day watching anime and playing video games on company time. Management wasn't happy when they found out, so they decided she'd also take on the responsibility of being an on-site technician at Joker Distribution. She very much dislikes that fact and still lazes around when there are no customers to assist. Netekusu comes from Japan, where she studied computer engineering admired the culture and even went as far as obtaining traditional Japanese tattoos. However, they made it difficult for her to find employment in Japan so she set off to find work somewhere she wouldn't be discriminated for her attire and ended up working as a technician in San Paro.
  5. There won't be any cheaters if we just ban all the players!
  6. Originally, you couldn't resupply at vehicle spawners. But because you needed to access your equipment to change vehicles, you were also able to change weapons at vehicle spawners. So people were un-equipping and re-equipping weapons a spawners to resupply and enough people complained about how much of a hassle it is that G1 just made it so you could resupply at vehicle spawners. The proper solution would have been to just disable weapon changing at spawners, but knowing G1 they were probably too far down the rabbit hole of spaghetti code to know how to.
  7. Playing the Devil's Advocate: sometimes common sense actually turns about to be against the rules in some places. Like, at one point it was against YouTube's rules to upload documentaries about WW2 Germany (heck, it might still be, IDK). Maybe I want to make a symbol recreation of a photograph of a German Focke-Wulf Fw190. Historically, it came out of the factory with a paint job including a Swastika on the tail. Every photograph of a German Fw190 has a Swastika. So according to common sense, if I'm trying to recreate something historical and non-political, the Swastika should be allowed. It's a niche scenario where a symbol that is banned should be allowed.
  8. So when you guys are picking the winners, do you contact them first to determine if the character/outfit still exists, and only if they respond and confirm the character exists and is currently wearing the outfit do you select them as a winner? And do you copy the characters immediately or only after all the winners are finalized? I'm planning on submitting an entry but I might not want to be wearing my entry outfit the entire time until the winners are finalized.
  9. Please fix netcode so players don't visually teleport due to high latency or packet loss.
  10. Almost every FPS/TPS is RNG reliant past the 1st shot. It's just more noticeable in APB because the higher TTKs.
  11. I like how the Raptor 45 is so garbage nobody even recognizes its existence despite it filling the same role as ATAC. Heck, I bet if you slap RS3, MP3, and HB3 on an ATAC it'd still be better than the Raptor 45.
  12. I have never made a symbol of a lolita nor have I ever actually put a symbol showing visible genitals up, so I have no idea what you're referring to by that. The majority of the APB$ I've made is from selling symbols and clothes so is it so abnormal for me to advertise what I'm selling? In case you've forgotten, even Sicopet started off by selling lewd symbols and only stopped selling them after G1 deleted all his symbols. They were, but that was due to clothes I made, not symbols. I still have the symbols I sell since I have copies in them in my mailbox. Unfortunately, the billboards in Social aren't free, so it's unfeasible to keep buying them unless you can actually sell your symbols frequently enough to cover the costs or you just throw money at JMBs to sell the legendary weapons for APB$.
  13. Considering how many My Little Pony and Hello Kitty symbols I've seen back in the day, I can't exactly agree with that...
  14. Can you imagine streaming a game that sports the highest amount of customization in any f2p multiplayer game (other than SL, if that even counts as a "game") but everyone is an identical 6' tall guy in a yellow shirt, blue saggy jeans, and a green baseball cap? It'd probably kill the appeal to anyone watching who isn't already an APB player. That's quite the blanket generalization there, isn't it?
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