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  1. Please fix netcode so players don't visually teleport due to high latency or packet loss.
  2. Almost every FPS/TPS is RNG reliant past the 1st shot. It's just more noticeable in APB because the higher TTKs.
  3. I like how the Raptor 45 is so garbage nobody even recognizes its existence despite it filling the same role as ATAC. Heck, I bet if you slap RS3, MP3, and HB3 on an ATAC it'd still be better than the Raptor 45.
  4. I have never made a symbol of a lolita nor have I ever actually put a symbol showing visible genitals up, so I have no idea what you're referring to by that. The majority of the APB$ I've made is from selling symbols and clothes so is it so abnormal for me to advertise what I'm selling? In case you've forgotten, even Sicopet started off by selling lewd symbols and only stopped selling them after G1 deleted all his symbols. They were, but that was due to clothes I made, not symbols. I still have the symbols I sell since I have copies in them in my mailbox. Unfortunately, the billboards in Social aren't free, so it's unfeasible to keep buying them unless you can actually sell your symbols frequently enough to cover the costs or you just throw money at JMBs to sell the legendary weapons for APB$.
  5. Considering how many My Little Pony and Hello Kitty symbols I've seen back in the day, I can't exactly agree with that...
  6. Can you imagine streaming a game that sports the highest amount of customization in any f2p multiplayer game (other than SL, if that even counts as a "game") but everyone is an identical 6' tall guy in a yellow shirt, blue saggy jeans, and a green baseball cap? It'd probably kill the appeal to anyone watching who isn't already an APB player. That's quite the blanket generalization there, isn't it?
  7. But the question here is, no visible genitals or no shapes resembling genitals? Because the former was never infringed.
  8. I guess somebody doesn't get the The Office reference: One GM in particular did, but does that mean all GMs would in that specific scenario? Maybe not, and that's why I want a clear cut yes-or-no on what articles of underwear are allowed so that all GMs are consistent when it comes to enforcing rules. Good thing you're not a GM then because it's clear you'd be power tripping like Tiggs did.
  9. Well, sorry for bringing Rated M stuff to a Rated M game. What are you even bringing to this discussion besides bigotry? It's a g-string with a banana hammock, or whatever it's called. If you Google g-strings, you'll notice some male versions are designed like that. Pro tip: if you take boyshorts and color them a skin color, the seam through the center becomes a cameltoe. Thanks, RTW.
  10. Well, if you read my original post, the original link with what the rules are no longer exists. And the rule was never specific on what counted as too sexual, as the symbol in question neither depicts visible genitals nor sexual acts. Yet a GM removed it, claiming it broke the Nudity/Sexual Action rule, so it is not obvious what the rules said.
  11. I've literally never bought premium time before, so my only experience making symbols is limited to the few scraps of free premium G1 gave back in the day, a few retail box codes some friends gave me, and the past month of free prem that LO gave us. I'd say I've come quite far with what little I've had. Maybe I should learn how to draw irl one day.
  12. "It's called hentai and it's art." Although it's actually ecchi. Well, some underwear have a socket for *ahem* the shaft. So it's viable underwear...technically.
  13. As far as I can recall, the current stance on nudity is no private parts below the belt should be visible. Yet, even when adhering to that rule, <GM> Keyaert keeps taking down some of my symbols from social district display points, including a symbol of a male in underwear. So has LO changed their stance on nudity, or is there a GM overstepping boundaries? In the original post where Matt Scott states that they'll be keeping G1's policy, the link to G1's forum post is broken and just redirects to the News section of the website. Here is a link to the aforementioned symbol. It's probably against the forum's PG-13 rule, so mods feel free to remove it, I just want someone to be able to visually see what I'm talking about. Warning: it's NSFW. [removed link to adult content -Spuzva] Edit: Where the hell is the spoiler tag that literally every other Invision Community powered forum has?
  14. I only want one buff for the Anubis: get rid of that weird crosshair and give it the default crosshair.
  15. The US has been deemed a terrorist organization by the Iranian government. And to be fair, the US government does fit the textbook definition for a terrorist organization. So can we ban US flags, US Army, US Navy, etc. symbols too while we're at it since they promote terrorism? /s
  16. Half-mask respirators or clear visor gas masks would be nice. I dislike how the two gas masks in game cover up the entire face and the eyes.
  17. There's GTA Online, but I'm surprised that game managed to remain somewhat popular when the engine and netcode are complete garbage. I can't think of any other game besides GTA Online where players have the ability to literally crash-to-desktop other players' game clients at will. How can any company think that's okay? I don't think any other game has the customization level of APB because it's probably too demanding on the servers, if the past performance of APB's servers through its lifetime is anything to go by.
  18. Name: Xnetexe Server: Jericho (NA) #UglySweater I decided to make a sarcastic Thanksgiving sweater since it's still November.
  19. At one point it was, as I was Punkbuster'ed and permabanned for it back in 2014, and then unbanned shortly afterwards after using Xneat.
  20. Adding JT rewards to the end of each Riot match might make people keep playing Riot after getting the skins, getting more people to play Riot. @MattScott can you consider doing this?
  21. A game with a 3.7-4.2 Hz clock... Runescape?
  22. Locking a weapon behind really low RNG odds is poor design. And the possibility of getting a nano activity for a contact in a district that has no players only makes it worse.
  23. I think the Stheno should be available for perm. It's a Joker Distribution exclusive and the only alternative is to get the Euryale as a 56k G1C Loyalty reward.
  24. Back when G1 was still around, some clothing items were made available, mainly some of the items from the Revelations pack. However, now when I look at those items on Armas there's no option to purchase them as account bound. Can we still buy them as account bound or was that feature scrapped all together?
  25. If only gifting weren't removed, then I'd love to make stuff in return for some premium.
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