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  1. i noticed people with older hardware are having problems running the game properly, i have a rtx 2080 with an i7 8086k, i have no problems running the game. you can turn off the majority of the effects that you see, and the graphical errors are caused by not having a fast enough processor or gpu they can't render the game fast enough or your gpu has corrupted memory modules, my brother plays this game with a ryzen 2600 and a rtx 2060 runs the game fine so it's time to think about upgrading and stop trying to make people make the game look worse to fit your needs the majority of new players that come to the game are going to be on newer hardware they won't have problems running the game.
  2. twitch is now banning people for displaying any kind of nudity you guys should ban nudity all together or add a safety feature like vrchat has like display only clan or friends avatars
  3. https://www.redhillinstitute.com/ someone hacked the website LOL
  4. can you add a check box or claim all button for the mail box because i have so many mails that its annoying to click on every one to claim all the stuff i get from joker boxes
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