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  1. Pretty sure you wouldve killed him faster by just using your secondary.
  2. While your points are flawed i do agree that the showstopper is borderline useless atm. Sure it CAN 3 shot, but you have to be inside the person you’re aiming at, as well as land all the pellets. And if youre more than melee length away, expect to use a whole mag or more. The thumper is suffering from the same problem, while yes it was slighty OP before the nerf, its also reached a state of being useless.
  3. They said on Twitter that they would be doing some backend hardware changes, which is why this maintenance is longer than usual.
  4. It shouldn’t be convenient to p*ssy out, there’s a reason the cointoss exploit was patched.
  5. The thumper and normal showstopper are both useless atm. Sure they’ve got a 3 stk on paper, but anything outside of 2m it instantly takes a whole mag or 2 to kill someone. I get that they might’ve been slightly too powerful pre patch, but god damn if they aren’t just straight up garbage atm.
  6. tfw no invite :^( jk it sound nice, ill make sure to tune in!
  7. can confirm this is indeed a clan
  8. I do love being at work during events :^( gl to everyone participating tho
  9. Wouldn’t really make sense to hold a weed related activity on 4/24 now would it?
  10. Dezire


    quality post i must say
  11. Once you get the hang of it, the thumper is one of the best close range weapons in the game. Don’t use the ads feature as it doesn’t really help that much, and the thumper has more than enough range as is. Once you’ve gotten the firerate down, and have the confidence that you can beat most cqc weapons. It should come naturally from there. Obviously play to the suitable range and dont overpeak or take needless fights and it should be a breeze.
  12. In case you didn't know there's a code for 2 days of premium to celebrate the new year: HAPPYNEWYEAR2019 sorry if repost :^)
  13. Just thought I'd put my 2 cent into this. I had this happen to me on FightClub the other day but didn't think much of it. Now that it seems that others have noticed the same problem it might be worth looking into.
  14. personally I've never noticed much of a difference between playing on high or on low when it comes to merely graphical settings. That might just be me tho lol
  15. Yea you seem to be on the right path. Graphics in this game don’t really impact performance all that much and most people just turn them down to get an advantage in firefights. It’s mostly the particles and other effects which you are already looking at, so keep doing that. That being said, there is only so much you can do, and will eventually have to be happy with what you’ve got.
  16. Pretty sure they will do that in the same patch that will give it to everyone who logged in.
  17. Some things might be harder on your system than others, try fiddling around with stuff like particles and other cpu heavy settings that don't have a large impact on graphics.
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