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  1. i didn't get premium, was playing then the game just frozen, closed it then try joining back and got stuck trying to spawn into the world of waterfront.
  2. sometimes i get so tunnel view, i dont see chat or radar :3 thanks, i was wondering on where to put this post
  3. look at this little clip of undecimber twitch stream my point of view https://www.twitch.tv/ch3v/clip/AnimatedProudBadgerBrokeBack just like how he predetermined me :3
  4. pretty sure its down for fixing as soon as its ready theyll post its up
  5. as a joke, this feels like eric cartman theme park, where he doesnt let ppl in and we out here trying to get into the server
  6. didnt played for 2 years and came back gold
  7. hey i just wanted to know if the server is in house
  8. i did a year of hosting my own server for RUST and moving to a new server host is a little fuzzy bunny but yeah wondering if they need to go into a file and set some ips right, becuz if RUST server goes down like this that mean 1 of the plugin fucked up and had to update it or go and edited my self
  9. wonder if the server is in house or in a big server business? why you think i drive around in a dump truck so i can remove all those npc
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