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  1. I'm open to suggestions. How much do you think your time and effort to design these is worth? If you want to discuss it with me as well you can always message me on Steam, poke me for my Discord, or even just PM me and I'm sure we can work something out as well.
  2. Hey, thanks so much for the response! I'm actually not sure if I'm misunderstanding something but, I'm assuming when you say you can do it in 3D Render I'm assuming that means using an external application like Blender to render the clothes with a character model and having a 3D Render available for external applications outside of APB correct? To be honest, I wasn't currently looking for the above yet and I was referring more to within the confines of APB. I do have a character on Citadel as well if you wanted to take this on in-game just message me with an idea pertaining to what you would like back as compensation for your efforts
  3. So I'm on the NA Server, which I assume is Jericho and I honestly haven't unlocked everything, nor do I have an artsy mind. I'm essentially looking to see if it's A) Possible, and B) if anyone wants to tackle the task of making the clothes of Kizuna Ai (That Virtual Youtuber fad, thing). Here's two links to front/back pictures of a figurine that has most of the details. https://images-goodsmile-info.s3-ap-northeast-1.amazonaws.com/cgm/images/product/20180921/7632/54702/large/153a9eb7e130b7eee5379b840d86a03f.jpg https://images-goodsmile-info.s3-ap-northeast-1.amazonaws.com/cgm/images/product/20180921/7632/54704/large/69227073b6db8895c44900a31e082d19.jpg And here's a link to a Fanart Render by TheKarmaKing from Deviant Art. https://orig00.deviantart.net/22c5/f/2018/253/0/6/kizuna_ai_fanart_render_by_thekarmaking-dcmj2yu.png If anyone wants to get a hold of me you can contact me ingame on Ryukishen, or attached is a link to my Steam Profile.
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