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  1. Little Orbit's CEO always talks about listening to the players and improving connection between players and developers in almost every occasion, which is very good, but at the same time, Little Orbit is ignoring the much larger audience, which is the players who left. Being one of them to leave in 2015 (came back last year hoping little orbit will bring change), I was, and still, getting bugged by game mechanics that I think need to change, and would argue that most of the players who quit are just like me. What I've seen from Little Orbit so far is just the will to polish the game and add more content, not change mechanics, which is very disappointing. Little Orbit is only listening to the game veterans who like the game as it is and only think it needs polishing and more content, these people dominate the forums and are there to oppose any topics on the Suggestions Forum that suggest changing game-play mechanics, making it appear that everyone oppose those changes, while a greater number of people are to support changes (including almost all my game friends, whether the ones who quit or the ones who are still playing), but most of them have already left the game, while the portion of players who are still playing don't have the courage to suggest something that forums veterans will dislike and oppose. In conclusion, I don't think sticking to the current small player base and only polishing the game is going to increase the number of players, but changing game-play mechanics will. So please, Little Orbit, consider checking mechanics-changing suggestions (which are bombed with dislikes and opposing replies, like the ones I've written) and address the reviews who concluded low ratings for the game, whether written or in videos.
  2. Adawon

    Pedestrians overhaul

    Which has nothing wrong with it Also, non of my other suggestions is related to AI. Nice try.
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