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  1. Let's continue on the suggestions forum. I can send you a compilation video of bugs and glitches I've recorded though
  2. https://steamcharts.com/app/113400 Take a look Average players in July 2012 ~ 2,482 Average players in the last 30 days ~ 603 In case if you don't know, 2,482 > 603, which means 603 is a minority. The majority who left the game didn't leave because the game needs polishing, but because the game needs a lot of change. That's the point of the whole topic. Now I think you had had enough of my time. Nice mimicking, funny guy.
  3. Then we would be drunk. 1. Can you rephrase that, please? 2. My bad. I meant "Yes, they will support the player" but derp, that wasn't an appropriate answer either, sorry. So I think Ammo Box should support all players. Mobile spawners should only support the owner team. 3. Yes. 4. Okay. 5. I guess we reached a dead end disagreeing. 6. I think so. 7. I guess so. 8. I think so. 9. Nice.
  4. What if I even suggested to remove Valzipram tablet? You can agree or disagree and leave the rest for the developers. See the point already? Yes, that's what I am suggesting and think it's fine. Now we're talking, we should've done this in the suggestion threads. I am interested in your opinion on the meaning of polishing. Please, define it for me. Contradiction with what exactly? I cared about your comment and replied. I didn't believe that arguing about your points will lead to nothing, unlike you, so you stopped commenting. Haha.. oh wait, that's not funny
  5. Making the suggestion more clear after @BXNNXD asked some questions about it on another thread.
  6. I've read all your comment and all the other comments. The part I responded to just rang some bells on me. I don't respond to some parts because I believe that arguing about them will lead to nothing.
  7. How would it affect the existence of the modification? It will stay there and change the kill speed to even faster. Simple as that that it should go without saying. You can disagree or agree but you shouldn't doubt the viability of the suggestion or my right to suggest. Yes, No, Yes, Yes, Respawn their car (yes, they should make it able to be respawned if enemies are inside), Yes (I suggested car jacking), Yes, No, Yes, they should be able to respawn it. Wasn't that hard was it? You could just ask these questions on the suggestion thread instead of going "the other party has no idea what's going on so I will stop replying" You got me there with that comparison. You know that "polishing a game" isn't like physically "polishing" a diamond right? Polishing a game may mean fixing bugs and glitches, adding time intervals for certain actions, changing some animations and nerfing weapons. A game with bugs and glitches is not a perfect game. A game that needs polishing isn't a perfect game. Polarbear himself admitted that there are few legit reviews, which supports my point. So stop using that for your argument because it doesn't support your argument by any means. Anyway, I appreciate that you actually spent time arguing with me in this thread and I hope you always share your thoughts and not go "this guy has no idea" again. I've gone through this in the replies, please read them.
  8. ° You were saying that it can't be implenented, so I had to get other games that implemented it as proof. That's totally viable because you had no idea that it could be implemented in an online game and just kept saying it's so demanding and hard to do (which is also developers' business, not yours). ° What don't you understand in "killing speed of cars is too slow"? All the people who read it understood it but you failed. ° "Entirely fail to... etc" makes no sense without defining how it failed.. Then you've literally cut my words out of context about veterans. I said: "game veterans who like the game as it is (((((and only think it needs polishing and more content)))))" So you either did that intentionally or you did not even read my paragraph carefully, just like how you appear to read suggestions
  9. Oh hey, little Einestien, what are the core differences between the console version (Unreal 3.5) and the PC version (Unreal 3.0)? How do you agree with me and at the same time tell that opposers had valid reasoning?
  10. When did I say "a veteran who thinks the game is perfect?" And what does it even mean to label someone disagreeing with you as incorrect? Because disagreement is when someone thinks something is correct and the other person does not, it's subjective. Your comment is poorly thought out. Anyway, I remember replying to all your comments on my suggestions and you are the one who stops replying. It's not something someone who has an argument would do.
  11. I already stated it's not about veterans specifically. And you're the one who marked about 40 reviews as non-legit. But I see you like to keep talking.
  12. Just observe how much bombing core change suggestions get and you'll know why they don't use their voices. Take this creature for an example, he preserves other people's suggestions as "shit" then he talks about handling negative criticism. Ofcourse, but there's no point in suggesting them unless I know developers would care to listen.
  13. Thanks for supporting my point. I never said that all the reviews are legit, so, sorry to tell you that you wasted a lot of your time.
  14. What makes them in the upper peak that they're, unlike APB, not repulsive to players. Players who play them love them and advertise them, making the player bases grow even more. Shame on APB that it did not capture a place in the peak of the category with so small competition and so much potential.
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