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  1. Considering how much it takes for anyone in charge of this game to make any change...yes you're right. Imagine doing a buff in mobility because uses LMGs, then they become so overused that ruin the game and the fun of the people involved, who have to wait until the company who owns the game wakes up and adjusts the stats again (that has happened for so many weapons goddamn, why don't they do something like a single instance of financial with monthly nerfs and buffs so to find the sweet spot of every weapon. Or if not that there would be for sure an alternative solution involving constant housekeeping) $$$$ hopefully they will detach those weapons from the clothing / car packs they're trapped into, since I don't need any of that *insert Bono's band name in here*
  2. If you know how to use the Aces or the PMG you can beat an unexperienced OCA, but if both players know what they're doing I don't see that coming. And there are some simple factors of that gun like the RoF, damage per shot, accuracy, ..., that make this true Yes, it is player friendly and has a lot of reskins, which doesn't adress the power of that Star, Shaw, Alig, Carabine(short to middle), Obeya(middle to long)... Of this, only the Star is an assault rifle, and it has a match strictly until its range, after that the ntec wins always.
  3. On a more serious note though: that was something I felt the need to write because of the sheer unexperience I have on the forums. Never claimed I was going to speak the ultimate truth, but I am amazed at how slowly things change in this game, even things that are so clear (there are so many bugs that any experienced player can name that have been going on since maybe OBT). I just took my feeling of "fuck this game and all its flaws, I'mma play some Dragon's Dogma" to "it's worth to give the forum at least a try". The point I'm trying to make with my list isn't "this is the things we need to do right now" but rather "this is what I think we should change", waiting for the beedback loop to bring my suggestions closer to that which should actually be done (my suggestions obviously are biased because of my experience: for example I try to abstain from using hvr/ntec/oca and when you face a team of only those weapons you can definitively feel their power, or when people using tier 2 and below weapons switch to ntec and their skills suddenly quadruple, taking everyone down. Apart from the 'git gud'((annoying)) guys, I think everybody can relate).
  4. Right. Mine was just a suggestion (as any of the points I made). That is what I was saying. They're great but criminally underused. So I suggested a reason of why that might be, with a solution. Totally agree. I don't see a strong correlation between usage of Armas guns and their power. But I do see that correlation between weapons you can buy from the contacts and their power (for obvious reasons). Even though I think there is a certain yardstick after which even Armas weapons can become overused simply because they outclass other guns (see csg some years ago, or Troublemaker, ...) ur mom gei
  5. I've seen people take down entire enemy teams with the holy trinity, regardless of their primary. The weapons you mentioned are on a different tier, even though I agree that they're not "worthless" as I said (my poor choice of word), they definitively are not comparable to the holy trinity, except in their very narrow field (cqc for sas-pdw, very long range for act and rsa,...). ^
  6. Okay...let's talk not "in theory..." but "in practice". In theory silencers "give the added benefit of stealth" but in practice I've never had the doubt of where my enemy was if he was using a silencer, because this game hasn't that feature. There are plenty of other shooter games where silencer do actually give you an added benefit. So in theory the silencer works, in practice the scout of preference is never the silenced one, the silenced ntec has never seen the light of day, and I could go on. The only silenced weapon used of which there is a non-silenced alternative the Whisper, which is a slightly more accurate oca (see point 2). Totally agree True That's you who imply that. Is just more capable than other weapons, that's all. Other weapons aren't as capable on so many things.
  7. The same way people used the yukon and the troublemaker, because they felt good and were fun. I don't have a problem with the ntec, but with a I-can-do-all-better-than-you gun, which shifts the balance. If this was 2015 I would say this things about the Troublemaker, which clearly had its period of "wtf" Actually i've played maybe only a couple of times against the Manic, and don't own one, so can't / won't say anything about that. Might be better than the oca in cqc (doubt tho, as far as I remember it has a much better accuracy and range, but isn't as a beast in cqc as the oca, but might be wrong as I said). You don't need to change the damage to nerf a weapon. Changing its rate of fire changed its ttk, which resulted in a technical nerf (even though it was a fix). I'm not saying it should go to the previous broken RoF, just that the hipfire accuracy isn't on point (as always, in my opinion).
  8. Never said OCA was op, simply that is superior to any other smg (compare the oca and the cap40). the carabine is versatile as well, but can be easily countered easily getting a little bit further away, with the ntec you have to be at 80m with a long range weapon, otherwise it can pretty much laser you. Can't really say that for any other weapon currently it is more versatile because it either has more range than the weapons you mentioned, or it has a lower ttk. is this combination that makes it so versatile there are other f2p mobile middle-range weapons, this is simply the best one right now, by far. it is about the current meta, and how far behind it leaves tier2+ weapons agree about the LMGs, but having 7k+ kills with the shaw, I can say that it isn't that hard to use, it just feels slow because of the way you *have* to use it. the star is far easier to use than the ntec but is less used, so isn't about simplicity but about capabilities.
  9. weapon balance is one of the most important things of a first person / third person shooter. a team should never focus only on 1 thing and totally leave weapon balance out of their plans experience is gained by doing, if they make a mistake in - say- adjustin ntec's bloom, they can always reverse the change I didn't say anything about the N-SSW, except the fact that isn't used much (which is true, unless you're playing in some server i'm unaware of) I really love that weapon tho, don't think needs any change (my comment on LMGs was related particularly to SHAW, ALIG, Euryale and their respective reskins, even though the Euryale is already an upgraded SHAW in terms of mobility)
  10. In the pre-fixed-Yukon era -"the Yukon has to be fixed!" ~"me (a Yukon user enjoying the scores I get because it's unbalanced): yep this is 1 of those posts again" It actually isn't affected by IR3, since someone who doesn't go full auto never reaches the max bloom - hence never experiences the actual downside of IR3
  11. I never post on the Forums since I usually don't care enough to waste my time typing, but some things are so apparent, and have been for so many years, that I don't understand why they're even still there. Disclaimer: people are reluctant to change, so barely any change will be ever applauded before it's actually made, but we know some of this things need to be done: 1. the N-tec, since i started playing back in 2012, I remember this gun to be on the top. Always. The csg has had many changes over the years which finally brought it to a good condition. The carabine had its damage per shot reduced bringing it from 6 shots-to-kill to 5. The only weapon which is still (over)used is the ntec. Sure it had its changes (some years ago the meta was HB2, now is IR3), but anyone who had faced a mildly skilled opponent who had an ntec with IR3 knows that there is simply no other gun to match ntec's capabilities: 0m spray, 70m tap (it takes literally 5 minutes of gameplay to learn how to properly tapfire the ntec). 2. the OCA is simply superior to all other smgs, with the PMG on a close 2nd spot and all others far behind 3. besides the holy trinity (FBW, AP.45 and the Joker-RFP) the other secondaries are kinda worthless. An example: the yukon, which passed from being simply OP to barely being able to kill in a mag (the Nunavut is almost on point tho), this could be fixed simply by adjusting the hipfire accuracy, which is silly atm 4. Anubis? what happened to that gun? It was perfect as it was before 5. Silenced weapons: the silencer mod makes no sense, it gives 0 advantages (actually it takes away 1 shot from the mag, and some damage) for the price of a possible CJ3 or IR3. I think the suppressed weapons could find a real use in this game if the silencer had the bonus ability of (for example) not showing in any radar above 40m - and not only the first shots like the Condor. This would make up for the price of a CJ3 or a IR3. Then if 40m makes the suppressed guns overused, adjust it to 50m, or 60m. Until we find the sweet spot. 6. LMGs: I know, a good SHAW or Euryale are devastating, but those guns simply aren't used. Anyone could go on Social rn and check player's roles, you'll find out that the lowest role is *always* Machine Gunner, and even by a fair share. Maybe that has a lot to do with the fact that a shaw gameplay is slow: you have always to switch and crouch and stand still, being thus vulnerable to everything - an obir gameplay on the other hand is fast and reactive: you can jump shoot run switch crouch and all of that. My suggestion? Make LMGs usable from a standing position, to see if this at least shakes a little bit that role. You get the point I'm trying to make. All that's needed is a little bit of experience in this game and a tab opened on the Armas Marketplace: you'll see so many weapons in there that will barely be used, and there's a reason for that. They're not competitive, they're simply outclassed in every way, shape or form (tell me honestly the last time you've seen someone with the N-SSW or the Norseman) Finally: I don't care about this game as much as used to, because I see that changes - even when desperately needed - hardly are made (like the Yukon, which remained broken for so long. Or the IR3 downsides, which were actually intelligent and on spot, but were reversed). So if you disagree constructively on my points okay, but saying that any of them isn't even an issue is to me like being willingly blindfolded: lying knowing it's a lie. Said that, I wish this game the best of luck, and to all of you a good day. Regards, Baru
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