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Found 4 results

  1. Dear LittleOrbit, dear Reloaded Inc. and dear Players, As many Users know, APB had various Languages in the past, which can now only be accessed by the Advanced Launcher Because it's forbiden to change the game code, i'm now asking to get the Language Setup back. Better translated (and maybe with some voice acting by the community) If any GM doesn't know what i mean, google APB Advanced Launcher and take a good look... yours sincerely Portalcow The Lost Cop of San Paro
  2. the game will bring us back the spanish language?
  3. Chat needs to be able to detect cyrillic characters and add the option to filter them. Or better yet, add a chat window in which only the latin alphabet can be used / block the cyrillic script on that window and vice versa. I believe this would make sense since if we are using completely different alphabets there is no logic behind using the same chat. The Citadel server is international, displaying these characters to everyone from every country in Europe is silly in my opinion. My first language isn't english, yet I use it because i know most people that play the game have the ability to somewhat understand it. I know region-locking would be ineffective because that would be the final nail in the coffin of a game with a dwindling population. You see players of all different nationalities using english, yet only russians (and turkish people in some instances) refuse to speak it. I very rarely see anyone actually type in any other language besides english / russian / turkish. If everyone in the group speaks the same language, I don't care obviously; Although if everyone in my group minus one person speaks my language, I will use english simply because it's the most efficient way to communicate. That way everyone understands each other as opposed to just 2-3/4ths of the group. I also believe the problem is not necessarily the language barrier; many of them know how to speak it yet refuse to. I know this because they can understand my call-outs / respond accordingly but refuse to comunicate with me and continue to speak to each other in russian isolating me and other players in what is suposed to be a team-based game. District chat is just full of cyrillic spam that only other russians can read, further diminishing the point of using chat in the first place. Why type if no one is going to respond to you / say some random shit in russian? Unfortuantely most of the toxic behaviour that I see is progagated by russian players; that's not to say that all / only russian players are toxic, but that is the demographic that I see exhibit that behaviour more frequently. (APB is a pretty toxic game overall anyways) Furthermore, reporting players with a name in cyrillic script is not possible or hard to do (to my knowledge). This allows toxic behaviour to spread and fester without opposition. Not that it would make that much of a difference seeing as whoever handles the report system takes years to evaluate a ticket or doesn't even do anything about it (I still report it though). I realize some of the points that I have made have been echoed in the past, but nothing is being done about it, so i'm trying to add my 2 cents. Sorry for the wall of text
  4. I'd like to see a single player mode ... it's not so impossible! A very obvious example and world of tanks, initially it was a game only for PC-multiplayer (ONLY MULTIPLAYER) with the years it has improved a lot. 1) the possibility of having bots, because it often happens that you want to connect, maybe shoot two shots and there is nobody online. Even divided on instances a bit like the division. 2) remove the possibility of buying weapons in time, it would be really a good thing, at least those in play, to buy them permanently without ruining the tactical factor of the games which, being timed, the minutes are precious to change tactics depending on the situation. 3) a more lively city, perhaps with some dynamic element in the maps. for example the police stations are practically empty, they have no characters inside. 4) increase the level of weapons without buying a lot of different kinds, an example could perhaps be a branching tree with all the weapons related to the cost and level in which one has. 5) better, more fluid clan management. 6) create a small district for those who start the game, it would help a lot those who approach for the first time on APB. Not to run into games with people who have much more experience, perhaps limiting the district to the completion of the tutorial that almost all do not complete and then it's always the same people complaining that they don't understand the game mechanics. 7) the possibility of choosing multiple languages because it seems to me almost a paradox that there are skins of practically all countries (20) but the selectable languages are only 4. Europe English) Ireland-Netherlands -Scotland-United Kingdon- French) France German) Germany Italian) Italy Spanish) Spain America Portuguese) Brazil English) Canada-United state Spanish) Mexico dedicated languages Polish) Poland Russian) Russia-Ukraine Swedish) Sweden Turkish) Turkey Japanese) Japan Danish) Denmark-Norway
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