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  1. PortalCow

    PortalCow's Police Chase Event (A Sequel of the Old One)

    I send you Mpk3000 to collect all names. I guess fenton will join but you can give it to him.
  2. PortalCow

    PortalCow's Police Chase Event (A Sequel of the Old One)

    Hey, Join in if you want. All requirements/rules are above. I just need your Charactername then. Hope to see you there. For the rest. I'm still waiting for my shiftplan so i can't tell you the date before january 17th. until that you can use the premium code or watch one of WitchQueen's Stream/Videos like this
  3. PortalCow

    PortalCow's Police Chase Event (A Sequel of the Old One)

    Hello Folks, @Szambi wants to be the chasee. On the Chaser team i already have Mpk3000 Winkies Oh, and just to mention it. Streaming and recording is allowed.
  4. On 4th August 2015 i started the old Police Chase Event an Memorial of Rapid99. It was a Glorious Success, but with every new Event the less Player came. So, it's Time to bring the old Glory back. First of all a few Details Where: Citadel, Financial When: February 2019 (Exact Date comes soon) And last but not least: The Rules Any Spawnable Car No Special Uniform required Chase only if "Honk and run" 1 Crim per Chase If you want we can talk/organize via Discord or TeamSpeak. yours sincerely Portalcow
  5. PortalCow

    Pay2Grief - Citadel & Jericho Win $500k every week!

    i found myself in the first minutes. i really love this
  6. PortalCow

    Carball Citadel Cup

    i only have one mate for my Potential Team. Would look for the third member, if you can give us a placeholder
  7. PortalCow

    APB: Unreal Engine 3.5

    Wow! These Videos are getting crazier every week! How do you guys make these thing anyways?!
  8. PortalCow

    Languages and Localizations

    Dear LittleOrbit, dear Reloaded Inc. and dear Players, As many Users know, APB had various Languages in the past, which can now only be accessed by the Advanced Launcher Because it's forbiden to change the game code, i'm now asking to get the Language Setup back. Better translated (and maybe with some voice acting by the community) If any GM doesn't know what i mean, google APB Advanced Launcher and take a good look... yours sincerely Portalcow The Lost Cop of San Paro
  9. PortalCow

    Carball Citadel Cup

    Evening of which timezone? i mean, i have to wake up always at 5:30 CET and i won't come, if i know i have to work on the next day
  10. PortalCow

    Carball Citadel Cup

    When would it be?
  11. PortalCow

    [Forum] Request your title here!

    Strange Person (New Player) Tourist (Visiting all Sights of SP) Anti-Guy (Being to long to bad for this Faction)
  12. PortalCow

    Chipp's Wednesday Night Car Club

    i can only until 10pm Central European Summer Time (CEST). Is it possible to change the time, so the rest of europe can join?