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  1. I hope im not too late!!!! i want a title i want it to be Queen Tara!
  2. I like this feature in GTA V where you can choose the personality of your character, which reflects on how the characters walk, run, and how they look (smiling, angry). From what i have noticed since starting, the guys and girls walk the same. Also it would be nice to have a choice of your voice, like when you get shot. APB in my opinion still has the best character customization in any PC game by far (in my opinion) and hopefully it will improve. My other suggestion is to add way better hairstyles. Please. They are terrible. Also my character has HUGE thumb nails for some reason, it can't be my PC, i have a decent GPU. My next suggestion would be adding a motorcycle, that would be so fun! My last suggestion, but most certainly not least, would be better load times for when you first launch the game. I have an I5 processor and it still takes minutes for the intro to even start playing after showing the APB logo for minutes. Thanks for listening!!! Please be kind lol
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