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  1. So since contacts are locked to districts i cant level up any further because of empty Waterfronts, any way to go around that? Maybe have contacts Unbound from districts?
  2. Sorry for the confusion :D
  3. what string u found to adjust it? I found it in "PhotoshopDOTexe" I dont know alot about programming unfortunately but i could find out how to use Photoshop
  4. I was planning for this menu to be customizable so you could choose where which gun is. Then its not a problem for the people that use Weapon the weapon names. As i said already i found that myself and many others only use the Symbols instead of the names to search for guns. With this menu you got way more weapons on one screen instead of having to scroll down and maybe missing a gun. In this example the weapons are organized by: Assault Rifles, Snipers, Marsman Rifles, Shotguns,Light Machine Guns and then SMG's because i mostly play Assault Rifles and play SMG's the least. Also even my girlfriend who doesnt play APB can easily recognize that these are all different weapons (Even the shotguns) so i dont think that would be big of a problem(No problem with Sorting )
  5. But if you have alot of weapons you have to scroll alot. I keep finding myself in situations where i cant find the specific gun im looking for. This way you have 4x the amount of weapons on the first page without scrolling. Why would you prefer the old menu?
  6. Alright i reworked my rework of the Weapons Menu.(also found out how to upload pictures lol) Tell me what else to change or what you dont like.
  7. I would LOVE to have a properly tuned Patriot T-25. I really dont like all the plastic thats on it atm
  8. Generally they should rework how Reverse works. If you stand still and hit reverse then you first brake and then reverse which actually takes some time and is disrupting gameplay imo
  9. Then just add a warning like minecraft does "Warning links might contain harmful content"
  10. But this isnt G1 anymore
  11. Please let us click links ingame. Even Minecraft has this feature
  12. Please give us the abillity to choose how many G1 we want instead of how much €/$ we want to spend
  13. Thought about that too but realized that i usually just look for the Symbols. There is still the little Window to the right so i would hope they could get a Hover Menu so when you hover over the weapon it would display the stats and when you click it it would stay there. I only slapped this stuff together in Photoshop and it was the first ever thing i created in photoshop Do you use the names alot to find out which weapon it is?
  14. Hey guys. Could we please get a easier overview for our Weapons menu? I created a prototype. Tell me what you think and what i should change. I hope Little Orbit likes it. https://imgur.com/gallery/FbY7NqD Didnt know how to post Images so i posted a link
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