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  1. I believe it's possible for developers to do such thing. If not now, then later. It's probably just another restriction of an outdated engine. I know that there's A LOT OF games with much heavier stuff, but still, if LO is looking for a good solution, then our ideas might help out. Did not know that somebody has suggested the same thing, though.
  2. Hello, Little Orbit! Very proud of your activity and responsibility, thanks for keeping in touch with the community, this means a lot. Recently you've talked about if nudity should be allowed in APB, and I came up with a solution of this problem. Don't have any ideas about symbols, though, but anyway : Nudity should be optional. Just as it is in Conan : Exiles. If it's impossible to do at this moment, then we might wait until APB will be updated to UE 3.5 or UE 4. Nudity should be turned off by default, but players will be able to change this option anytime. Players with nudity option ON will be available to take off the brassieres. Players with nudity option OFF will still see characters dressed in their bras. Bras painted as t0ts should be bannable, since it's the only way to show nudity to everyone and some players will abuse this feature. Don't know why, though, but there's always people like this. That's it. Still can't come up with any ideas about graffiti. Would love to hear both community's and developers' opinions about this. Thanks! P.S. : Sorry for my mad inglis skeelz.
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