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  1. Summary: Decals create extra copy on top of it Game Version: apb beta 2.1 Description: so i had decals on my hoodie that are moose antlers everything was fine before no bug what so ever, but now it is creating an extra copy on the hoodie and i know it doesn the same on some other clothing pieces Steps to Reproduce: it was there as soon as the character was transfered to beta and on regular there is nothing of that Reproduceability: this can be reproduced on the hip scarf and any other head items it seems to be a bug done by the head pieces Results: when ever i go to put a decal on the head it will do the same issue Expected Results: this shouldn't create an extra copy of things and just apply the decal the way we want it to be applied
  2. slamm

    Vbr Temptress

    Hey, So i am one of the few that really want to know is little orbit planning on making the temptress a weapon available in armas once again?? and to get it as a perm weapon because i have been wanting that gun variant for a while now and i cant get it anymore so pleace lo make it available for ppl again.
  3. they just need to get thier shit together because right now apb is a sinking ship and all LO is doing is make more holes into it to sink faster i feel like they dont know what they are doing because all thier decisions up to now were bad ones look at riot they release that game mode in a middle of a ddos issue with a game not completly up to date its just asking it to fail.
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