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  1. Shit. Sorry, I love APB very much, but the changes that have taken place since the change of developers, I personally would have made without programming experience, but knowing only English, because the changes relate only to rebalances and changing the parameters of what is already in the game. Thus, rebalancing everything and everything, the values of the parameters in text mode (and I am more than sure that many, if not all, are commented out so that the developer does not rip out his brain when editing), I did much more complex things by making much larger changes. Changing the shield consumable and transferring it to the class of abilities used, and the same job in terms of complexity. We look at the parameters of the ammo box, and what class it is assigned to, ctrl+c of the class of the ability and the cooldown time of the ability, ctrl+v these values in the shield parameters and that's it, "hello, I'm a shield ability." Oh my god, the shield ability is already an ability, but is still sold in the consumables section? It doesn't matter, we run again to the ammo box box ... and then the principle is the same. The only real update that required at least some skill was the exchange interface, which works even in combat areas, it's really good and convenient. But the rest is terrible... Devs? Heh
  2. Absolutely true, and when FartyBumBumGuff said that he was killed with golden weapons, but he didn’t and stopped buying weapons for rent, this is more about the attitude towards weapons and the desire to play with such weapons. Accordingly, if you use a rented weapon, then the very definition of "rented" kills the player's initiative to learn to play with this weapon, and he considers it obviously worse than it actually is, but in fact he just plays badly with it. And he also said that he prefers to play with the standard STAR because it is a fairly good and balanced weapon, and also what is important for this branch, it is initially permanent, which creates a kind of connection between the player and this weapon, that he has it forever, and never he will not leave him, and whether the player wants it or not, most likely he will try to play with him, and more than once, and there he will already learn to play with this particular gun. And when you spend about 8k on a cannon, and in the end you didn’t manage to complete the tasks with it, you might involuntarily think that the cannon is terrible, but it’s not, and in the same way, many people just start to think that a permanent weapon (at 99, 9% which is donated) is stronger, although it is not. After all, a standard pistol and a rifle are more than good, but few people use them, because these are "standard" weapons. Think about it, these are just words, but how significant they are for the game. About preinstalled mods and P2W by this mechanics of bying weapons. NO, do you know if yo use weapon without mods, gun will be perfectly ballanced, all mods workin in system "you get buff - you get debuff"
  3. I propose to change the mechanics of weapons purchased for in-game money. For a more adequate perception of the purchase of weapons for a limited period, it is enough just to change the phrase about rent and "remaining time" to "weapon wear". Thus, buying a weapon from a liaison person does not seem delusional. The very essence of "Weapon Rent" is unsettling. The rented weapon does not feel like your own and your loved ones. So the weapon will also have to be bought, but call it maintenance or repair. Let's say the weapon was bought for 10 days, even if it works for 10 days, but for its extension it will not be necessary to "buy", but to "repair" it. You can also add a wear scale and the ability to extend the life of the weapon, for example, on the fifth day for half the price, but not allow the total durability to be exceeded for more than 10 days. The player will feel the weapon as his own, and phantom game mechanics will be added to maintain his equipment, such as fixing a car so that it does not break. Weapons bought permanently, let them differ in essence in that their durability will not fall. Explaining this by the fact that (for example) it was produced at a factory and has a lifetime warranty. As an additional idea, the mechanics of the "license" for the security forces and the "wear" of the weapon from criminals will fit well into the lore of the game. Thus, the security forces will renew the license for the weapon for its further use, and the criminals will be outlawed, and they are trying to keep the weapons that they have, since they are getting them illegally and they do not need a license for their actions This game mechanic also will add a nice variety and give the factions another difference from each other, not just the ability to arrest or rob. I really hope that you will listen to this small "project" to improve the atmosphere in the game. I have been playing at APB for many years. And I have always been disgusted with using "rented weapons" simply because they are "rented". Everything is logical with car rental, but not with weapons. Thank you.
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