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  1. somebody else i think had an issue like this and i belive it is because you play on minimum, try ramping up the setting bit by bit, try using advanced launched
  2. Well the game currently has bigger issues and needs then what you are asking, first we need a new engine and new net code
  3. For the shotguns Matt said that they take full responsibility for the buff and thst they will fix that ASAP, as for the marketplace goes its to prevent people putting items that nobody will buy and the stop playing the game, i would rather put items every 24h then to have to search through pages of useless stuff to find something i need, and as the mods go i would suggest you if you already have that many mods, why don't you put them on your weapons and store them there, that way you wouldn't need to search for certain mod and you won't have to waste time searching.
  4. Counter Strike series are same since release, and still millions of players play it an nobody complains... Give them some time, they'll get things right
  5. Yes, G1 left a pretty decent clusterF of code for both APB and FE, so far LO did great in fixing the holes in the code, and for now they fixed what G1 destroyed and left it like that.
  6. if he posted there the chances are high thst nobody would see it
  7. TIL about vantablack , thanks for the info you're welcome
  8. they should add "vantablack", a black so black that it consumes 99.965% of radiation in the visible spectrum
  9. you don't have to use commands, on a certain buttom ( cant remember which ) you can open up emotes menu, look it up in the options.
  10. Not only the people with logitech mice would be banned but all the players with mice that have built in software in them, you can't ban pople for using their mouse
  11. And what if the shooter is close by and aiming at your feet? There is no know way of dodging it exept if you're using FJ...
  12. The only complain about this is that people are furious about other people quick switching which is being nerfed in the next patch... The mods are good as they are now and shouldn't be touched.
  13. There are only Baylan A and B testing districts so don't expect that
  14. By growing up, and just playing the game. see? You're being toxic towards him... Telling people to grow up is kinda toxic in my opinion
  15. ^he's right, people should do some research before rushing to forums to post about radio silence for the past few weeks. The first toxic player that should be banned is you if you ask me
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