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  1. The server crashed 3rd time in 30 minuts...
  2. i got a warning for saying "u dumb im smart" wowowow. when people in the same thread are calling me "smart, f@ggot, gay," they even made fun of me in my profile pic. this is unacceptable, ban everyone that comments please. 4 fyi they also probably got warned but you can't see it... And wait... are you saying that it's bad when people tell you you're smart? Im confused right now
  3. well maybe i'm wrong as that was a looong time ago but i remember she was streaming, also whenever she streamed she did a giveaway ;)
  4. Deathshow99

    Admin tracker

    Hello, im not sure if this is only because i mostly read forums on my mobile phone but i kinda find it hard using the admin tracker... Lets say for instance i want to view a reply @MattScott recently posted in the weapon balance post, and i had to manauly search for his latest reply through 13 pages of replys... Would be nice if you kinda make it when you click on a post an admin made it takes you directly to that post/reply.
  5. This is nice to hear, i'm an apb player tho but i've recently had problem loading paymentwall (i'm planning to start actively start donating once i start working) and it just loads paymentwall page and its blank...
  6. The amount of money you see on the scoreboard is the total amount you got during the missions, if you watch closely you will see that every time you get a kill or assist the money will be added to your "bank" and that same amount will be added to scoreboard.
  7. Deathshow99

    bad decision

    You could've bought g1c and stored it untill the armas gets reworked
  8. Deathshow99

    Old threat system

    You filled my heart dude Yes, the only vibrations between her and you are the vibrations on the Ban button
  9. Deathshow99

    Old threat system

    At least they could make the number private and only visible to the player himself.
  10. Deathshow99


    Fyi tickets can't be viewed by other players so the link you provided is invalid, 2nd, by attitude like that you won't get anywhere far, its your fault for being scammed, also nobody is complaining about their support tickets, and if they are, it's just impatient people like you, you will hopefully get your item back but give them some time, you're no more special the everybody else is, and it takes time so sort things like that because they first need to trace where your item went...
  11. Deathshow99

    Config for low end PC's High FPS

    That will also probably change with the new engine release, because i saw someone say that LO and USPstyles are working together in integrating some of the advanced launcher's code into the game itself.
  12. Assuming that the green are is easy, i find it harder to play on that part of the map then the one marked with red I don't think you spawn on highway, what i think he said is that the highways give you a much better overlook of the objective and easier to defend, also harder to reach and it takes valuable time, and for new player, the time is gold
  13. But that happens with the areas of the map that are not marked, some of them have objectives that are a bit hard to reach for new players, you kinda excluded them from your drawing.
  14. Deathshow99

    Config for low end PC's High FPS

    Just pit the preset slider to minimal an voila. You go back to stone age where the wheels are square and everything is made of 0.5px. Good luck with that EDIT: Also if you mean config by changing the physical game files that is not allowed
  15. Deathshow99


    Hellou, my name is Jovan(John in english) i'm 19 y/o and i'm from serbian. I've been playing this game since it went F2P in 2011 but playing on my current acc since 2013. Main characters are Deathshow99( R255 enf) and Yamennes (R160+ crim) and an alt enf named LadyTiamat. I'm great in team coordination because i rarely play solo (Hate playing solo cause of the MM), wouldn't say im in the top ranks of players but as much as i see on a good day i can be really good. I'm usualy playing snipers but often switch to a shotty or some close to mid ranged weapon. Also i know every bit of corner of the map and have a general sense where the enemy will be coming from and where they will be most likely spawning. I hope i will get reviewed at least and i hope i will get accepted. Cheers, Deathshow