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  1. Well first off "Everyone" Including you, and every other level 200-255 gold out there that over uses them, like the PMG and OCA, and before you try to find a loophole in my comment like a smart patootie, when I say "Everyone", I also mean petty patootie rerolls. By "everyone" I mean "Everyone", just cause you haven't seen it, doesn't mean it doesn't happen. Everyone uses N-tec, OCA, and PMG's, it's as simple as it sounds, all of those guns are so freaken easy to use, there's no mastering needed for the gun, if you end up mastering an N-tec, then you must be a special kind of try hard. Like seriously, I don't see what you're trying to argue here, everyone uses the N-tec, because everyone CAN, it's a non skill weapon that requires no effort. The URSUS takes some skill, but in the end is not much different than the regular N-tec. It's cute you think you have some kind of valid arguement here, no required skill, no reason to comment on why it should stay the way it should. Most of the community if not ALL of the community agrees that N-tecs, Pmg's and OCA'S need a big patootie nerf, so deal with it. EDIT: Really LO? Patootie? This is not a Disney game for kids.
  2. You're kidding, right?....N-tec is one of the most overused weapons in the game, EVERYONE can use it, which is why it needs to be nerfed, it's just like the PMG, and OCA, it doesn't take skill, quit kidding yourself. N-tec recoil is/was non existent, it NEEDED to be nerfed BIG TIME
  3. Well, here's the thing, the OCA and PMG are OP and overused enough as it is. I like the idea of reworking the skin and giving it a make over, but it doesn't need a buff, if you can get good with it, it's very fun to use, and it's not that hard, I don't think it needs a buff, then it'll just become another weapon people depend on, rather than their own skill. Edit: I like how people thumbs'd this down, lmao, like, do you really want it to be another gun like PMG or OCA? Some people..well, whatever floats your boat I guess
  4. From my experience, I don't think anyone is willing to do that. Value wise
  5. Actually, about the part where they banned people who were falsely banned, is not entirely true, they did a whole unbanning, from scammers, to blatant cheaters, and yes, you mentioned it, but they didn't unban "some cheaters" who EVEN given this chance, still proceed to do the things that got them banned in the first place, but yeah, we'll just remove the /report button, when it was MOST IF NOT ALL OF THE CHEATER COMMUNITY. Also, the free premium was 6 days, and the G1c prices, if they've been lowered, I definitely can't see a difference, seeing I'm still paying $25 to $35 for one gun. From what I recall, the last prices were $35 to $40 for a gun, so it's still very expensive. And also, from what I've seen, Battleeye, isn't doing anything. And about communicating openly, they're not doing it anymore, my friends have reported "suspicious activity" multiple times, and no not on every loss, some losses. If someone is hitting me with a PMG from 50 meters away, there's a big problem there. Anyway, they've been stood up, they don't respond anymore.
  6. ....I'm gonna just delete my posts, I made myself look like a dumbass, I thought he was talking about the regular Colby, that you get as a loyalty reward, I didn't read the part about the Hazardous up there, sorry
  7. No man, i'm saying giving him a Hazardous, so he doesn't have to delete his character and go through all that nonsense. But to get the Colby back himself, that's what he's gonna have to do, I was offering him a Hazardous.
  8. Hazardous is not account bound. It is a legendary. I know that, I'm saying if he wants something similar BACK on his character, that's his best bet, or delete the character, make a new one, get his Colby back. Or contact a higher up, idk, I'm sure they won't be able to do anything though
  9. This is exactly what I'm saying! Not to mention, the same works for the hackers, so what was the point in adding Battleeye in the first place?
  10. You could always delete the character and remake it, but that's about it. The gun is account bound, so it'll go back into the remade character. Although, I don't think you wanna do that. But if I get a Hazardous, I can just give you it
  11. Toxic players mock and provoke, do you see me doing any of that? I don't think you do. We have two different views on toxicity it seems. You think people who annoy you, should be banned, I think people who go "gg ez" and teabag you, should be banned, I'm guessing you're one of those people, aren't you? LIke the first few people, you could've easily sent me a link to the blog, to help me out, and I would've been "okay, thanks dude, sorry for the rushed prejudice complaint", but no, now we can't have that, cause a wise guy like you, has gotta come in and talk down on people, just cause you think you're better.
  12. Thanks for the response guys, I appreciate it. And thanks for the info about the blog, I'll look it up.
  13. Hey Little Orbit, I know it's only been a few months, but this games future isn't looking so bright. The updates have gone quiet...is it because the toxic community, you're suppose to fix, is talking down on you? Rejects any "good" updates you guys have, that could bring some decent changes to this game? I understand it takes alot of work, but this silence is no different than G1's. The toxicity is running wild, and the report button doesn't work (I know why, but still). Nothing is gonna get done if we have to send you proof ourselves that someone is being an a**hole, or if you cater into this toxic community. You came in here loud and proud, and were making some noise in the first month. I don't really have a complaint in general, no one hurt my feelings, and not many hackers are around, but the community is still toxic, the updates are slow, I don't think you guys even go into the social anymore to talk to people. Look, if some people in the community have given you trouble, ban them, it's that simple, you're the one's who own this game now, if the community talks town on you, then clean it up, you don't have to put up with it. The community praises cheaters, praises toxicity, and that shouldn't ever be tolerated, especially when it's towards you. I don't know the whole story, but this is all mainly about the updates, where have they gone? You guys went silent just like G1 did, I haven't seen one positive update on the forums here, just basic discussions about the game, but no action has been taken. If you want more people to come around, then you gotta clean this up, and follow through with some of your promises. Maybe add a report button like Siege did to report toxicity, that could help, no one wants to send tickets out, they want things to be simple, something that doesn't take you 4 months to get around to. Just keep all of this in mind, I already know the community will attack me for it, because that's what they do, you took on this game, what are you gonna do?
  14. Members 0 1 post Joined Jun 2018 Report post Hello everybody, I need some advice and some help, I will post a link down below, but I was wondering if anyone else was having this problem.... I've uninstalled, reinstalled, deleted all possible files, tampered with internet stuff, and other files, to see if something was blocking my entrance, or if anything was corrupt. I've restarted my PC, nothing is working. I'll post the link down below Let me know if anyone can help please. The launcher either stays in update mode, or I just get this error, and it won't tell me what is wrong. I've tried verifying game cache, but it's greyed out. And yes, I've done repairing, but I have to sit there for 2 hours before i get the "error" sign, which unlocks it, but then when I hit repair, it sits there for 2 more hours, before giving me "error again" It's frustrating, someone please help (http://prntscr.com/jyhdft)
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