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    IO Growl

    Hello, I have noticed something about the vehicles in apb and it is that the IO Growl makes me very slow to be one of the most expensive vehicles and such a sports car and it is that everyone opts for the patriot and not many are what I give because it is very slow compared to being a sports car because I would say 80% choose the patriot and you rarely see someone driving an IO Growl and for me this vehicle should be faster to stop being so underrated.
  2. They tell me gay for use a volcano,ursus or a true ogre
  3. why are they affecting the true ogre? I collect money to get it and why do they complain a lot about this weapon will they affect it? IS IT A LEGENDARY WEAPON? Each one has its own specialty and that is why they are better than the others because they are legendary exclusive weapons that are useful to me to have it? Rank:230 Jericho
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