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  1. Now all the srcubs think they will be an average player soon But guess what .. you are just bad at the game and will still get smashed by everyone lol Gitgud scrubs
  2. Shui

    Login Que when?

    hopefully never, it would only cuck people who actually want to play
  3. Dont like you at all you coomer, but true.. it was a bit weird Not that I dislike Skay, he seems to be a nice guy
  4. Why did you delete the Twitch Vod? Where can I rewatch it? @MattScott
  5. Sounds good, even tho I would like to test it on my own PC ... Anyway, I hope some streamers who run the benchmarks have normal PCs
  6. Thats what I like to hear! Thanks Matt
  7. Weak humans, you can only hate them. Grow the fuck up
  8. When I started to play APB I actually liked it to rank up and unlock new mods, cars and weapons. And mods are so overrated. I am mostly playing on low rank characters without any and I dont have problems at all.
  9. I saw the gun on stream. It didnt look bad at all. Gitgud
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