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  1. gitgud scrub maybe try minecraft sword fights
  2. all these snowflakes its part of the game stop whining
  3. Imagine buying Nvidia and Intel lol Deserved lol LOL
  4. Thats a lie dude. More like 90% Enf, thanks to my boy Film. Funny he griefed his own main faction since his main was a Crim lol
  5. Did you see the roadmap? I guess he is less active because of stuff that is happening in the background https://www.gamersfirst.com/apb/news/2021/1/22/apb-2021-roadmap
  6. i miss ffbans.org every day i opened it and read some comments of the latest big bans good old times ...
  7. He is like my 2 dads, suddenly gone Now I am lonely again, sad, what should I do? r/Advice
  8. Some visual changes like Advanced Launcher vs Configs with self coded stuff are two different things.
  9. Text and some visual changes are fine. But some players remove fog, that should be a perm ban. Also you can do a lot more shady stuff with configs how Rooq showed once.
  10. Vegas Rocker Bundle w/ Vegas Rhino 4x4 Only available character lifetime since LO
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