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  1. THREAT SYSTEM Why do you want to remove the visibility of threat? I think this is the worst idea possible and removes fun. People will not give a damn anymore about winning, just troll and grief, you dont know how good you or your enemies are. (yes, its pretty much like that rn) Instead you should rework the threat system into a skill based ranking and give iniciative to REALLY try like in other games (csgo, league of legends, ..) Or just go back to the old one. EVENT TRACKER Why havent you brought back the Event Tracker yet? I really dont understand why you dont use it. Tiggs was able to make and start events by her own. With a variety of really cool rewards. So its has to be REALLY REALLY easy. People have something to log on and farm. Everyone happy for barely any effort More about event tracker in old blog: https://apbreloaded.blogspot.com/2016/01/engine-upgrade-video-loyalty-reward-and.html Possible events: https://apbreloaded.blogspot.com/2016/06/summer-fun-in-apb.html WEAPON AND VEHICLE STATS The ingame stats are really bad. It only shows bars which arent even accurate I think. If I want to know the effective range of a weapon I have to google it... (apbdb) Most and especially new players dont even know/understand effective range. So just show numbers instead.
  2. Holy shit, I have never seen such a delusional noob with so much confidence Actually insane
  3. Still no statement regarding fps, crazy.
  4. Perm banning players for being toxic is ridiculous and straight up bullshoot.
  5. EAC back. Everyone happy. One or two weeks goes by. Noobs still have negative kda and get rolled by everyone. Cant believe they are actually just dogshit at the game. Cry EAC not working. Everyone still cheating.
  6. Just wanna have Link removed. - Azukii back
  7. SPCT at it again lol Another degenerate change
  8. Nothing about optimizing performance This makes me so sad 2016 with ffbans.org was the best time APB ever had The comment sections were hilarious
  9. 1000x this You are just dogshit at the game, noobs
  10. Lmao what is wrong with you I really wanna see how you play this game Would be a good laugh for sure
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