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  1. When I started to play APB I actually liked it to rank up and unlock new mods, cars and weapons. And mods are so overrated. I am mostly playing on low rank characters without any and I dont have problems at all.
  2. I saw the gun on stream. It didnt look bad at all. Gitgud
  3. Lmao Idk what to say Check this out. That was the price I payed under G1 for character lifetime It costs 2616 g1c more than before lol actually insane Should had directly bought account lifetime back then but couldnt know the game stays alive for so long
  4. Hi is this bundle account or character lifetime? https://www.gamersfirst.com/marketplace/ingame/product_details.php?storetype=g1c&gameID=20&catID=64&subcatID=290&productId=2966 I mean, the price is insane, would be ridiculous if its character bound right? Asking because I cant upgrade the bundle to account lifetime. G1 had that option. And was cheaper. So idk about that one OLD PRICE BTW FROM G1
  5. Guess what .. you are just bad at the game
  6. They should disable fking cyrillic shit characters and make chat english only
  7. Biiiiiiig post "HVR Damage is not the problem" - SPCT member "Nerf Ntec, its too strong because I suck at the game" - Silver community
  8. Does SPCT give opinions or suggestions to weapon/game balance "internally"?
  9. Damn, I voted no because I didnt read for what the chat filter was. +1 for yes!
  10. Many will be disappointed. But only because they have ridiculous expectations.
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