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  1. Lmao what is wrong with you I really wanna see how you play this game Would be a good laugh for sure
  2. "Add the Dislike Function to the Forum again! It makes sense to have a Function that have effect. There is allready to much negative language in the game, we need this 1:1 in the Forum. Dislike option gives a place for Trolls." - @Todesklinge MAKE THE FORUM GAME GREAT AGAIN
  3. Haha so many voted no This poll shows how many degenerates are active in this forum The same who keep crying about cheaters every day
  4. Scrubs rage quit Good players are bored af and quit Wrap it up
  5. lmao this could be a copypasta Maybe the other way around, out of 24 players 2 cheaters But I think its more like 4 per full district Tho i am maybe just too good and dont notice the average cheater Dont quote me, gitgud scrubs
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