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  1. He is like my 2 dads, suddenly gone Now I am lonely again, sad, what should I do? r/Advice
  2. Some visual changes like Advanced Launcher vs Configs with self coded stuff are two different things.
  3. Text and some visual changes are fine. But some players remove fog, that should be a perm ban. Also you can do a lot more shady stuff with configs how Rooq showed once.
  4. Vegas Rocker Bundle w/ Vegas Rhino 4x4 Only available character lifetime since LO
  5. Account Wide Bundles again when? when? WHEN?
  6. damage based on accuracy Most stupid change ever Just remove this bullshoot already
  7. Thats so fked up Bring the masks back! wtf
  8. I dislike the removal. Its fking stupid to not be able to downvote opinions I dont like. Also I saw how many people I triggered with some stuff I said. Now the forum game is boring. No sarcasm btw.
  9. removed - Please avoid litigating moderation in a thread. PM me directly if you feel moderation was in error. Sakebee Anyway another patch, another nerf to skilled players I dont like the weapon balance patches Every single one is bad and just makes it worse Thanks to SPCT Now my comment should be Contributory Posting : )
  10. Question: Do you think you are part of the top 1%?
  11. This. I will never make any themes again with this patch or buy on the marketplace.
  12. lmao who dislikes this seems like the truth hurts you damn scrubs gitgud
  13. There will always be cheaters but this community ... Rumors, false info streamer hackusate everyone, viewers start to think the same people hackusate ingame, people start to think the same Just stop please... You are starting again to hackusate every average gold in this game on stream The main issue are not the few cheaters, its the random and false hackusations
  14. these scrubs are mad because they only see spawnpoints when they play apb
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