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  1. "However, with our recent influx of players, we don't have the server capacity to host a lot of beta testers. I'm already working on a solution. As soon as we can host more than 500 players on this environment, then I'll get the gears turning. Thanks, Matt " Yeap,we had "500 players" right?
  2. Im talking about the first time the open beta was mentioned,when the corona hit
  3. This OPEN BETA was planned for today because they promised us "good server experience" how much we waited for a month or more? When they said they will do the open beta when the servers can hold enough people,and what we got? 2 hours of wasted time trying to log in? And what we wil get it for it? Nothing. Gave to many promises and didnt keep even the half. 150 people ingame is nothing.
  4. Thanks for the wasted 2 hours of spamming the login button. 10 out of 10,didnt even keep the servers for the promised time.
  5. Same.2 days ticket is opened,0 response. Just lies
  6. They do track,but we dont see them,we dont even see what we have to do in the achievements,and sometimes pumpkins dont have sound.
  7. Yep,there are no achievements for the horseman events,plus some of the pumpkins have no sound,PLS FIX!!!
  8. HerpDerpito


    Pls fix
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