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Found 3 results

  1. For over a year I have described the issue in great detail with multiple troubleshooting attempts done in order to play the game without reformatting the PC. I can use Valorant's ring0 anticheat, I can use faceit ring0 anticheat, I've never had this problem for 10+ years of gaming, most of which I played online. I'm willing to do a lot to finally be able to play this game again as you can see by the efforts I've been through described in the thread above. It seems like those 2 new threads I've made on the forums and 2 tweets I've sent to APB and LittleOrbit twitter are truly exhausting every possible means of getting this bug resolved or at least identifying what could be getting detected by your game, because I'm literally clueless. I have stopped writing this thread for one more attempt to play the game, this time I manually closed every possible application that has any services/connections with mouse/keyboard including RTSS, Afterburner and a few more, but this doesn't change anything, each Corsair iCue process killed, not just the main iCUE.exe, Aurora RGB also completely killed, but still this:
  2. For over a month now I've exhausted all available support/contact options with gamersfirst. First I went on steam support https://steamcommunity.com/app/113400/discussions/0/2516897767697313538/ Then I have posted in a thread where another player has reported the very same issue Then I have realised that Battleye is going to Permanban people automatically, so I did post about the issue, once again Only to get remarks that I am using some weird software and/or cheats. So I even went as far as creating a support ticket https://support.gamersfirst.com/hc/en-us/requests/118484 But apparently, me waiting for over a month to get an answer is fine, but I have to reply within 7 days. Sure, I get it, Little Orbit is understaffed and it takes longer to get a reply. In that case, how hard is it really to also change automatic closing of tickets from 7 days to 30 days, so that customers get the same timeframe to reply as the company? I really loved APB back in the days, I did pay for some in game stuff. I did and still have sentiment for APB as I've played this game a lot and have had a lot of good times with it. I bought a new PC, wanted to see the new updates, maybe the new engine update and I was only left with unplayable game. Never have I ever had any issue with any Anticheat out there, including Riot's Valorant anticheat, ESEA anticheat (hypervisor based anticheat for competetive CSGO premium matchmaking) and I could just keep listing all the anticheats on and on... but it seems like there's no point. I was also reached out personally by @Sakebee via PM to help me resolve the issue, which I appreciate, but since the first PM was sent to me, no reply was in sight. With that said my patience has run out. Frustration and sadness has grown bigger over my sentiment to APB, I got to realise nobody really cares here about the community and it's users. It's very sad as since the first issues that APB has had I had always crossed my fingers that the APB situation will be better. Sadly, that is not the case, even thought I have done my utmost best to resolve this gamebreaking bug, nothing has been done regarding this matter. Removed Support Ticket + Forum DM's ~@mayii Telling users to uninstall a crucial part of the Razer Mamba mouse, which is next to useless without Razer Synapse, just because their agressive anticheat is unable to differentiate between actual cheats and legitimate - worldwide known software is just ridiculous. Sadly I have to give up completely on APB, not because I want to, but because I am left with no other option.
  3. Still crashing same way... play 5 minutes, game just closes itself and gives me a send report... it happens when im trying to spawn it shows you were you can spawn then the game stops responding and you can still here the count down timer and thats it AMD Ryzen 5 2600 RTX 2080 16GB DDR4
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