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  1. Yaaaayy goood news for today!!! Halloween again I hope this time I can unlock the glowomg purple & orange bat/pumpkin weapon skins on my enfo
  2. Thank you so much! Oh in that way, I should wait until the Nano Assassin pops up at the endgame contract (aswell it did for my criminal some years ago), but still thats my first lego from box so im happy, however I have 5 different snipers, so maybe the sell is the best option for me and buy a new secondary after saving some KK's from vehicle selling (if thats still a thing)
  3. I just opened an Anubis, its still a valid weapon or just I try to sell it trough auction house, and buy NANO? How much those weapons goes these days? PS: I'm at work, and curious @Citadel/EU Thanks for your advises!
  4. Hello, I want to be part of the next Beta! Its possible to pre download the client for it before it happens? Or where should I able to download it?
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