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  1. Yea I know, I downloaded Tobii’s empty lobby mod and put it in the APB folder and renamed APB_BE exe before... It still doesnt work :c I have the APB OTW Server installed too, maybe there is a problem since it has the same files as normal APB..?
  2. Hey im pretty new to this Community and wanted to try it myself... I was gonig Step-by-Step untill the part where I had to use NinjaRipper. I did it all as explained in the APB Rendering Tutorial Google Doc. When I start NinjaRipper and let the APBprogram run it opens the standart APB Launching Picture ( current one is from the Autumn Assault Event ) and thats it, the Game just dont start. I have tried it several times and waited over 20 Minutes but nothing seem to happen. Is there something I did wrong? Can someone please help me with my problem? Thanks