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  1. Mag pull 3 I had a DMR-AV in riot one day with cj3+mp3 It was awsome
  2. Not all weapons are perma now There is the scout without mods it expires after 7 days I guess it will be fixed soon
  3. Legendarys are special, they are not better then other guns
  4. U cant ban all words that can be used to be mean so just dont worrie bout it
  5. I guess the perma“last stand“ might be planed to get in the joker store But there is no reason to not add it to armas
  6. I like the idea at all But its a new game then everything would need to be reworked What do u think bout a self created 1930 themed event With theme / song contest and also a competition (I think wild west would be dificult since we have cars) I would support u with that
  7. No, i cant see it but i allready have it from armas glad to help, ure welcome
  8. Since LO debundle every clothing pack this shoes was available for 99 g1c two times Would u mind to check if u have bought them? If u allready have it they eill not be shown on joker store
  9. My aim is not that good Dont worrie didnt ment ure propably all true golds I aimed at the time with this comment...
  10. Allready lost ty.....maybe u give all players the chance next time
  11. Why ppl think legendaries are better guns? They are just special nothing else. And the mountie guns are weak With that accuracy u hit nothing thats not in hugging range U also can buy or trade the yukon on social/marketplace and u save even more money
  12. No. U dont get better with a weapon of someone who rekt u If ure not used to it ur chances are even higher to die
  13. https://www.gamersfirst.com/marketplace/ingame/product_details.php?storetype=g1c&gameID=20&catID=63&subcatID=196&productId=3398 Pro Star LCR btw
  14. Well im not a high skilled gold but there are some things important to me -That team is important Even if u have random mates try to comunicate in any way with luck u have mates that do the same and u get nice teamplay on missions Sure its at its best when u have a premade team u play with so ure sure ppl around u understand and play with u -but most important is have fun! Sure we all want to win when we play seriously but its a game and u cant win all
  15. Hallo and good morning
  16. I tested the first version i think lot of things are better now but are still some issues in my opinion 1. Make clear how to win this Its not last team standing and its not most money droped on exit van 2. We have a problem with the Teams Would u play 1 v 4 on action districts? I dont think so Maybe u make it 4 man teams only If ure not teamed up u get random mates If u make it all vs all ppl still will team um using clanchat, TS or something else 3. FBW is a bad pick for newbies An fullauto pistol would fill that role better 4. Spawns are much better now but sometimes u spawn in an infected zone and u have to pass 2 or 3 infected zones more U die instantly from the gas its not even worth to run Honestly i dont even have a idea how to fix that
  17. Yes! Lets have new hairstyles Or give us more options on it and the option to mix up two or three hairstyles
  18. I dont vote on this cuz i play FC barely and maybe i dont think over every point But i dislike the idea to give an “OP-Player“ that ran out of ammo just another weapon to go on Cuz resupply ur ammo also belongs into the game
  19. When u bought them there is a button in the middle of the screen “unwrap reward“ or something like that This shows u what u have won
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