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  1. Yes! Lets have new hairstyles Or give us more options on it and the option to mix up two or three hairstyles
  2. I dont vote on this cuz i play FC barely and maybe i dont think over every point But i dislike the idea to give an “OP-Player“ that ran out of ammo just another weapon to go on Cuz resupply ur ammo also belongs into the game
  3. When u bought them there is a button in the middle of the screen “unwrap reward“ or something like that This shows u what u have won
  4. SunnyMonroe

    Cant Start APB

    I just slept some hours and was able to start apb and log in Looks like it got fixed atleast to me
  5. SunnyMonroe

    Cant Start APB

    When i want to start the game I get kinda blocked fron EAC
  6. Also the cooldown betwen the bursts is longer Btw what do u guys think bout act44?
  7. Not sure its long ago But u might get 15%discount from try for free + 20%discount from premium So its 35% at all
  8. Hope i was able to help
  9. Wow awsome graphic
  10. There is a login issue atm Check the social forum for more informations
  11. Some key to the city owners didnt got the Halloween symbols and decals Maybe u can send this again to all KTTC owners?
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