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    Game modes

    Hello, I think it would be a cool idea to have game mode rotation in this game. So we won't just by plating basic missions and fight clubs all day same over and over again. I think it would be nice to have game mode rotation every month. As example Headless horseman and it would change next month into gun game (12 guns christmass death it was called I believe) then Riot or any other mod.
  2. I had same problem but unistalling all visuals c++ restarting pc and launching apb seems to be working again
  3. I just downloaded game, I can't even open it. Nothing happens,
  4. Hello, I have problems that game doesn't start at all. When I try open game it just ask for permission I grant it and then nothing happens. I downloaded it from this website and I tried using other capability mode, running as administrator, disabling anti virus noone of them helped at all.
  5. nonono its been pratice for 1500 hours, and there is no really chance to kill someone that fast from that distance without loosing accuraty no matter how good ur pc is.
  6. more rapidly u fire the worser accuraty gets, there is no way to kill like this in hight range, i always do 2 burst of 3 bullets with n tec and it never was faster than under second
  7. even if u tap fire u wouldnt able to kill in under a second from 30-50 metre distance by just tapping no possible to do it
  8. how about those people that make unreal hits with cj3 full auto then?
  9. dont think so it would make u end up like 50/13 thats just unreal
  10. in fightclub u can see that people never miss and kill u faster in 1 second no matter range
  11. but u can see in fightclub atleast 6 cheaters in 1 server
  12. Is anticheat system broken or people having some kind of special hacks that noone detects it? Proper anticheat system update when?
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