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  1. Yeah I want to thank the LO too, I've been wanting to play this game for years and seeing 600-700 players made lot of us happy. Not only that but the 64-bit made the game now very smooth. Hopefully LO can add back all the deleted effects like coloured muzzle flashes and those lines too, and bump up those texture quality back to where they were + maybe even use original high res textures(I know you guys have much much higher quality textures, I've seen it.).
  2. I have come back from the dead and the project is much closer now. I'm very close to posing pace, which is the most fun of course. I'll probably start streaming soonish, maybe. In the mean time, here's two renders. Citadel - Roxl I started working on this one over a year ago. Finally finished it. Citadel - Infliction
  3. Wild Cazadora outta nowhere and jesus.... What a render. Superb quality work.
  4. Accepting players ended long time ago. I'm already middle of working on the project itself.
  5. This is interesting deal. PC version will get updates and all that but soon next-gen consoles are coming. How long LO will update current-gen console version of APB?
  6. I finally did it and added my album. I made full gallery in DeviantArt, it has more stuff than before. Had to dug very deeply in my folders to find some of them old renders. Doing that in Photoshop? Oh my, I recommend doing it in composite nodes, sure the extra render times can be bit bad but its gotta be faster than doing it in photoshop.
  7. I'm guessing I'm one of them. At any rate, your render has changed. I see bloom effect and possibly depth of field, oh and I also see tiny artifact in the hair which tells me that you use composite editor to create those effect, right?
  8. I'm liking all these renders ya make Winki- I mean Edissa, the obvious improvement each render is just beautiful to look at.
  9. Went back and did some fixing with OP. Since Blender 2.8 is now full, Eevee render is just overall better than previous render engines. Now OP proudly presents only few but useful stuff like the Eevee materials + Rig + Generic People pack and Tobii's empty login. Old stuff are still there but at the bottom of OP called Legacy downloads. Me, SkittyM, LilacToaster, Virtuoso's albums are gone because our albums were empty due to Imgur's update while back. I once said I'll update my album... it's been a while. I'm still working on it. It's just, I got so many and I'd rather have more reliable image hosting service.
  10. Real work has begun. I'll be doing streams and posting WIP in the Spoiler-club channel in the discord. If you are interested, watch the streams or/and join the discord to see W.I.P. To see the channel in the discord, you have to tag Whiskey for the role. Some random renders... Jericho - RoseTheGoat Citadel - MoonyMcMoonMoon
  11. First render? Well god damn. I'm pretty sure you had previous experiences with other 3d Software or something, but that is incredibly impressive. Will ya be posting more renders in the future?
  12. As I said DMs, nice render Whiskey, good to have ya doing renders again! @IceHolyz I'll probably do few more random renders for Group Photo project, although I have no plans of doing renders after the project is done. Not saying I will never do renders after the project, it's just I have no plans.
  13. God dayum, my fav character + Lifeline. This is an absolutely insane how good all of this is.
  14. Car ripping went very fast. I got excellent looking racing, unique and security vehicles. Thanks to all who submitted. Now the real work begins! Although I still accept any art stuff like drawings, symbols and so forth.
  15. Today is the day, I'm looking for cars. Post all of your car pictures to me by PMing in forums or DMing in discord. I'm also looking for artists, so if you made symbols, drawings or banners(example) then do as before, PM in forums or DM in discord.
  16. Gonna give try with animations too. This is simply a concept, nothing is polished. Will do more serious animations later with actual references by recording actors doing their moves, and with voice acting and all that good stuff.
  17. As I said before, there's gonna be announcement about car rips. Let me first do the rigging and then concept the whole map, so I'll know how many cars I'll take.
  18. Character rips are now possible again thanks to LO's help. Due to the difficulty and inconvenience related to the process we have to take now, we will NOT be doing rerips. If you have not been ripped yet, check the OP in this thread for instructions how to get in. This also means that the decision has been made, we are sticking to the plan and will be creating the scene with cars! There will be an announcement regarding car rips a few weeks after the stream. In a second announcement, the following people will be making appearances throughout the stream: Kempington rooq WitchQueen Kevkof Caisey Matt Scott Goabea KittyLanah Sadira Additionally the stream will be co-hosted by Whiskey! and there may be random appearances of a few others. I hope everyone is as excited about this as we are! I'm also a bit scared. When I say bit, I mean very scared.
  19. It's very sad tbh. My design required cars and if I don't get to rip cars within this or next month, I'll have to redesign entire scene from scratch. Makes me very worried. Also, new random render! Jericho - KNickz
  20. There is no risk. Tool doesn't give you advantages in-game. Besides if I did get banned, it'd be for the history books. I would laugh for pretty long time.
  21. BattleEye is blocking NinjaRipper once again, it's back to basic where we can only rip our characters only. In case people forgot to the steps. You need to rename APB_BE file in Binaries folder to something else. Then you can start the game with NR and rip your character in character selection only. I recommend getting Tobii's Empty Login Alternative for easier exporting files.
  22. I could open Citadel again since nobody from Jericho is joining currently. Join Discord and DM me your character info and screenshots. EDIT: Nvm. Can't accept anyone when BattleEye is blocking the software I use to rip character models/textures. This makes me worried with cars. I wanted to have cars in the photo but there's currently absolutely no way to rip 'em.
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