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  1. As far as I remember, Red Hill is a location of Asylum in the original lore, as well as Arlon Bejamin's. If you check his daughter's bio, she is (by some) refered as "daughter to the Red Hill garbage king". Makes me wonder how does a tech institute fit into that.
  2. APB stuff like drawings, WIPs, sketches, collabs, and APB renders I used to work on with Jenz, Bridgette, Roxl and other awesome folks.
  3. Not a furry fan, but this is one of the best pics around here. Pretty impressive work with the lighting and textures, yo, though it's a pity the mushroom cloud blends with the background. Maybe if the sky was darker and the cloud was emitting some light on it's own (with godrays around the character) it would be... a blast. Nicely done regardless.
  4. That's actually pretty neat, but even though I'm left handed myself, I prolly wouldn't be able to multitask on this level. Just for info, layout of my right hand during FPS gameplay: Thumb - Shift + A Index finger - W, S (+ A, when thumb is on Shift) Middle finger - D (+ W, when thumb is on Shift) Ring finger - item buttons like R, T, F, etc. (+ D, when thumb in on Shift) Pinky - also item buttons How to I control the spacebar? I press it with the side of the hand under pinky
  5. Pic of my previous rig. The current one is under aesthetical maintenance. i7 6700K (+ Kraken X62) - Zotac GTX 1070 AMP Extreme - 32 GB Ram - Phanteks Enthoo Evolv ATX Razer Lachesis - Samsung GDC2000 - Roccat Kave - Dell UltraSharp U2414H
  6. Some random WIP stuff I'll prolly never finish.
  7. In November, the very first splash screen I made will be five years old.
  8. The New Breed contacts don't have many dates to work with, so the time period of their actions is questionable.
  9. I might be getting back to making these, so if you already have a render of your avatar, pm me.
  10. Most of the ingame info summed up into one timeline. Lore emails, character biography, promotional videos and other materials, it all goes here. Keep in mind that it's not official and there might be some inaccuracies present, so I'm open for any suggestions and community contributions. Criminal faction related information Enforcer faction related information Both factions __________ 1630 - San Paro founded 1800s - Wilde family bought small Russian metalworkers 1850 - Colby Security & Safety founded 1850s - industrial revolution 1873 - Abington Towers founded by Isaiah Abington 1895 - Orlenz' Moretti's great great-grandfather arrives in San Paro 1912 - Isaiah Abington dies 1913 - Charge-National co-founded by Arlon Cody Burns and Valentin Fisher 1915 - "Silver Star Sedan" introduced by Charge-National 1928 - Packer Automotive founded by Alvin Kelley 1929 - financial crashes, Abington fortune vanished 1930 - Abington Towers turned over to the city of San Paro 1932 - Bishada founded by Shoji Bishada in Osaka 1933 - Nekrovazhinsky Motorcycle Works founded by Denva Nekrovazhinsky 1934 - half a million workers took the streets of San Paro to demand better conditions for themselves and their families, Johans Mhuller founded Mhuller Casting 1937 - Johans Mhuller killed in motorcycle accident 1938 - Mhuller Casting merged with Benkz Heavy Industries, incorporated as Benkz Mhuller Heavy Industries Corp 1939 - wharf constructed nearby Abington Towers 1942 - wharf devasted, caused by mishandling of volatile munitions, area abandoned afterwards 1945 - Somatic A-TAS established 1947 - Benkz Mhuller Heavy Industries Corp renamed to Benkz Mhuller Truck and Bus Corporation 1948 - Sungnyemun Auto founded by Ryu Yong-sung 1955 - V-CN8 engine devoloped by Charge-National 1960s - Dolton founded by Arlon Cody Burns 1961 - Stu Phoenix is born 1963 - Charge-National build on exceptional quality of their engines and engine components 1965 - Sungnyemun Auto inaugurated 1967 - vanguard of underground club scene formed 1969 - Sungnyemun Auto begun selling cars in the US and Europe 1970s - Gresty carved out by zoning policies, Dolton vehicles seen as old-fashioned and 'out of touch' 1975 - Vincent Waskawi arrives to San Paro 1977 - Joker Gunworks formed, Vincent Waskawi marries Martha Waskawi 1978 - Luke Waskawi is born 1979 - Stu Phoenix joins SPPD 1980s - Dolton revitalization 1985 - Jane Derren is born, Amanda Kurtz is born 1986 - Brett Donovan is born 1987 - Ophelia Swift is born 1988 - Han Motors entered an alliance with Cheval R.S. 1990 - Elizabeth Wilde is born 1992 - Vincent Waskawi murdered, Byeong Lee becomes SPPD SWAT commander 1993 - John Derren assassinated, Derrens move from San Paro, Brett Donovan moves with his parents to safer neighbourhood, Han Motor Corporation sets first year record for selling automobiles into American market 1994 - Amanda Kurtz murders both of her parents 1995 - Darryl Finzano forced to close various Colby plants, including the 'New Cross' ammunition production line 1996 - both of Brett Donovan parents are murdered, Luke Waskawi transferred to adult prison 2000s - Wilde family wholly owns Obeya Corp. 2000 - Byeong Lee retired from a position of deputy commanded in SPPD 2002 - Sungnyemun becoming worldwide sponsor of the IFL World Championships 2003 - Fire of private mental hospital, 39 people killed, Amanda Kurtz declared dead 2004 - Brett Donovan joins the army, goes by nickname Devil Dog 2005 - Amanda Kurtz joins The Three Furies, goes by Lilith Bloodrose, Darryl Kent and Jenna Casey attacked by Three Furies, Casey murdered by Lilith Bloodrose, Ophelia wins Nantego 500 race, Abington Towers discovered by the vanguard 2006 - Waskawi organises the mass prison breakout, Jane Derren returns to San Paro, Dolton catapulted to record profits after using cutting-edge automaking technology 2007 - Brett Donovan recovers in hospital after mortar strike, Luke Waskawi comes with the idea of Abington towers turned into Asylum, Sungnyemun sponsored the away strip of the San Paro Wildcats, collapsed deal between Benkz Mhuller and SPMC Transport on replacing San Paro bus fleet 2008 - Jane Derren is elected mayor 2009 - C.S.A. passed, Stu Phoenix leaves SPPD to oversee Prentiss Tigers 2010 - Birth's studio raided by enforcers, Han Motor Corporation started with construction 2011 - Brett Donovan returns to San Paro (New Breed 1 released in 2012) 2012 - Waskawi starts building up private army in Asylum (Asylum district released for Halloween 2012) 2013 - C.S.A. is slowly reaching its breaking point, Aletta Cadagan's strategy dismissed, Han Motor Corporation moved headquarters to Incheon __________ Still I got only though 30% of all available materials, but here are some fun facts I found during the research: At least according to lore, New Breed was released with one year delay (see the note). Devil dog was supposed to arrive in San Paro in 2011, but is actually released in 2012. His backstory is not a part of original APB lore. There may have been a mistake, but according to some leads, Jane Derren and Lilith Bloodrose might be the same age. Also the opening trailer might be mistaken in stating John Derren was assassinated 23 years ago, yet I'm open for a debate on this topic. Character backstories are kinda stingy with exact dates, especially about criminals, so it's pretty difficult to figure out when Blood Roses and Gkings started to exist.
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