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  1. Was looking for something else entirely, but this post popped up among the search results. Some pretty awesum stuff, pity the golden days of creative boom of APB are long gone.
  2. As far as I remember, Red Hill is a location of Asylum in the original lore, as well as Arlon Bejamin's. If you check his daughter's bio, she is (by some) refered as "daughter to the Red Hill garbage king". Makes me wonder how does a tech institute fit into that.
  3. APB stuff like drawings, WIPs, sketches, collabs, and APB renders I used to work on with Jenz, Bridgette, Roxl and other awesome folks.
  4. Not a furry fan, but this is one of the best pics around here. Pretty impressive work with the lighting and textures, yo, though it's a pity the mushroom cloud blends with the background. Maybe if the sky was darker and the cloud was emitting some light on it's own (with godrays around the character) it would be... a blast. Nicely done regardless.
  5. That's actually pretty neat, but even though I'm left handed myself, I prolly wouldn't be able to multitask on this level. Just for info, layout of my right hand during FPS gameplay: Thumb - Shift + A Index finger - W, S (+ A, when thumb is on Shift) Middle finger - D (+ W, when thumb is on Shift) Ring finger - item buttons like R, T, F, etc. (+ D, when thumb in on Shift) Pinky - also item buttons How to I control the spacebar? I press it with the side of the hand under pinky
  6. Pic of my previous rig. The current one is under aesthetical maintenance. i7 6700K (+ Kraken X62) - Zotac GTX 1070 AMP Extreme - 32 GB Ram - Phanteks Enthoo Evolv ATX Razer Lachesis - Samsung GDC2000 - Roccat Kave - Dell UltraSharp U2414H
  7. Some random WIP stuff I'll prolly never finish.
  8. In November, the very first splash screen I made will be five years old.
  9. The New Breed contacts don't have many dates to work with, so the time period of their actions is questionable.
  10. I might be getting back to making these, so if you already have a render of your avatar, pm me.
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