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  1. Hmm Idk I could be way wrong and way off.... This was fixed for me by upgrading my pc and going to a 64bit OS / More RAM . Everything before hand was choppy and looked super compressed, Almost a blur effect to anything that had decals. http://old.apbdb.com/track/330448/ https://steamcommunity.com/app/113400/discussions/0/846959876025026354/
  2. I'll be ready for the next one, Didn't make past the master server last time.
  3. Are you on a 32bit or 64bit OS? IIRC I believe the 32bit OS made things pretty jagged when it came to customization... Its been so long tho.
  4. the increased latency is total Bs... I hope they figure something out.
  5. dear god https://youtu.be/kBKr8YLuVgs
  6. I'd would like to get max rank, My character name is : Addex
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