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  1. Don't worry, at this rate we won't need a queue
  2. what do yall think of mama krabs laugh? should it replace all horns in apb? discuss
  3. i got a poop cassette stuck in my 2007 oklahoma turnpike (without the premium 2 speaker 8 watt audio system) anyone know how to get it out? insurance wants to total the car but i dont even have insurance
  4. are bronzes even aware that they're playing the game? i feel like they just accidentally log in and end up walking into walls the entire match
  6. can we ip ban all the weebs who want the hvr changes reverted
  7. hello apb, have any of you experienced about 20% of your group chat messages not send, as in, no one else but you is able to see it? discuss.
  8. While a lot of what Little Orbit has done may or may not be subjective, at least there is something they've done that is 100% concrete and not up for debate. Just look at all those forum users. When's the last time there's been this many forums users on at the same time? 2017? The game is almost as popular as when G1 had it before they sold it
  9. i am the best apb plaeyer i am the god of apb
  10. you need to have: completely untouched default color 4 slot espacio all black clothing female character weeb theme weeb icon bind smooth aim to insert, crouch, or lean keys
  11. TAKE IT TAKE IT Wheels bouncing like a trampoline When I get to where I'm going, gonna have you trembling
  12. Did you close your eyes the past 9 pages I think you may have dementia
  13. Yes it looks terrible, lighting and shadows don't make any sense at all and all cars have the same texture as play-doh It's obviously far from finished
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