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  1. I want more! I dont know what I want from this game but.... MORE!
  2. Pop loss happen to every game. Need to adjust my belt buckle attending the issue. Newer game, Aiming at taking the money out the same pool. "Me" really want to use the word "We" in those day 2010 and such "The RTW" Era. The GTA, The SandBox Hype type of games are the grab and go. You get? We so have so much thirst for Open World Games. Here come "Watch dog" "Ghost Recon Wild Land" "Far Cry" and so many Open World Games that starting to included PVE/PVP But what are any games out there that focus entirely on PVP? They seem to be Battle Royale. PUBG/FORTNITE even big games like COD and Battlefield goes into BattleRoyale when they first seem to be disgusted by Shooter games being a Battle Royale games. So Now we have the "Aborted Child" The Orphan of GTA APB RTW, APB:RELOADED, APB:LO So many people have had APB and I have to say they love the living out of this game. It was there lives, their family, their creation and the hand in which they held somewhere along the line and help grew. We all want to see APB grew much larger. and here come the bitter truth. APB is hard. Understanding what APB is took days if not for those it could takes month. The skill are not "Saved" into the games. It stay with the Player. It's difference because you can have all those upgrade but when another player sit in your place or bought your account. They literally know nothing about how to use any of your arsenal. This is APB now and then. And back then in Reloaded times before the merge with so many people playing on every server. We would bath in the glory of our enemies blood. It was farming simulator. Everywhere you turn are green and bronze. It was savages. You can rank up quicker than you could order a happy meal. You could farm money faster than an Iraq Oil Deal. You can do so many thing with so many player who lack the knowledge of what's the real deal. But because of that. You got the scammer. before trading was a big issue. Scammer every where. People have to be very wary of one another. It was the height of APB I take it. Then it hits you. GTA 5, and others newer games. The population start to die. Newb disappear. It was like the Apocalyptic of APB. Player were ban. and then here it is. LO. The today. I dont know where this Company going to take this game. They might cut out the life line any day. It's scary and sad to think that any thing you ever put into this game will one day disappear.
  3. It wouldnt work cuz take Fortnite for instance. APB is a much more exhilarating games. Its a fast pace face palm situation where you really need to concentrate and that one wrong corner turn could mean the times and mission are over. If you put APB in a mobile, if the controller aren't good enough lets say, doing a quick switch or a drive by, you get what i'm saying yeah? It wouldn't work. But if some how they manage to put Mouse and Keyboard control onto APB mobile. It might just do it.
  4. you're joke GTA:O ???? You gotta be srs!!! Nah, Im saying that some people don't put times into this game and think they rocking. So they go off and buys weapon and stuff from armas and run around bragging. Singling out people who grind for their first Legendary. I understand how my first Grinding for that Nano felt like... It took times, and perfection of killing and mission skill. Now there are those other type of people who buy these stuff and Brag about it. In hope of getting some sort of a Higher Level of Acceptance. They don't play... They scam you later. Just my word. if you drifting the cATCH, yOU'RE THE POINT You gotta try the sell button man. Its good. You sell sell sell... and then the server told you that you can't sell... and ban you. WOOPS.
  5. Grinder, people who play until max rank with no to little use of money. Very skill, Very smart, Very adaptive. Fun to play with. They worth a lot if you team with them. Tho their progression is slow. Winning or Losing is very Important. Buyer. People who already had grind, or people who had money to buy stuff. They're boring. Act like bot. Trying new weapon. Walking around no purpose of sense of team work. Their weapon serve the purpose of only annoying their own team mate. Lots of Gun and Car you wanna go "NICE CAR" and proceed to licking boots. Good thing is they are mostly if not, kind. Always there to help you out when you got bad times. So... If I have to fight some one, I'd wanna fight against Grinder. If I wanna group and chill with some one, I wanna Group with a Buyer... Stop commenting on what I said. I hate you all. Love. Happy Valentine.
  6. Im a veteran! I survive thru so many BAN!!! I remeber the time when they put out BAN like every ten minute. BAN HERE BAN THERE... People I saw 5 second ago just disappear... Never heard of again. BAN BAN BAN! It was horrifying. Just like all the events happening now. HORRIFYING! not terrifying tho. sum kids got it coming...
  7. stop giving me down point! You people disgust me! Gas what? Dude are you currently undergoing some sort of constant edible digesting problem? Where are you? When I need you!
  8. dont make me hate you to. APB is hard. life is easier!
  9. Well who gone down point ma thread? Man... you can't be creative anymore... seem like its more celeb point than about bringing the game up and going. LastFM? what is that thing?
  10. Well I will try to match atleast 1 or two at first... Hope to see in town Yoodie
  11. Sure Yoodie. have a music? Post it. I'll put it in my music library for import. Not sure if this thread should be in Social discussion
  12. I've got a very neat Idea, but its gonna neat your help. I love the music blasting through the hood and driving up to the enemy with some tune. But it get boring hearing the vanilla music. I import some linkin park song, some 50 cent rap. but I wish that other people could hear it too. and vice versa. So if you have an imported song that you want others to hear? Post it and I will import it into the game too. So we could hear each other song? This is a song that I will import in. Just one song for now so if its a test we can help each other do some good.
  13. Man you are stoned. You want a candy corn for your source?
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