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  1. Im a veteran! I survive thru so many BAN!!! I remeber the time when they put out BAN like every ten minute. BAN HERE BAN THERE... People I saw 5 second ago just disappear... Never heard of again. BAN BAN BAN! It was horrifying. Just like all the events happening now. HORRIFYING! not terrifying tho. sum kids got it coming...
  2. stop giving me down point! You people disgust me! Gas what? Dude are you currently undergoing some sort of constant edible digesting problem? Where are you? When I need you!
  3. dont make me hate you to. APB is hard. life is easier!
  4. Well who gone down point ma thread? Man... you can't be creative anymore... seem like its more celeb point than about bringing the game up and going. LastFM? what is that thing?
  5. Well I will try to match atleast 1 or two at first... Hope to see in town Yoodie
  6. Sure Yoodie. have a music? Post it. I'll put it in my music library for import. Not sure if this thread should be in Social discussion
  7. I've got a very neat Idea, but its gonna neat your help. I love the music blasting through the hood and driving up to the enemy with some tune. But it get boring hearing the vanilla music. I import some linkin park song, some 50 cent rap. but I wish that other people could hear it too. and vice versa. So if you have an imported song that you want others to hear? Post it and I will import it into the game too. So we could hear each other song? This is a song that I will import in. Just one song for now so if its a test we can help each other do some good.
  8. Man you are stoned. You want a candy corn for your source?
  9. if your dog can read this in the next 20 year... he will be very sad. Love your dog man
  10. you the source my main basement man if you can you are totally outtha this world Thats why we building a community to support those who was scam and get ban for taking action back. Stop free advertising! This is APB! we oughtha make money! You damn right! But not to be superficial, The reality that set in to twined us into the dimension give us a path way to future destination. Some how I wonder. The person I am tbagging is actually sitting comfortably in his apartment petting his turtle? But I wanna know Joan? I am searching google. Nothing come up yet... is it good? WTF? I approve your existent celestial being
  11. The only thing that ruin the game is the goddamn spawn object time. I was using that burned up car for cover then poof...
  12. This is a fresh report on APB so far. Its source come from 12 year old boy who live in their parent basement and a 50 year old guy who goes after Scrub acting like they're 12 year old boy living in their parent basement. Read some of the fact and you might find it not very appealing to you but it is however the fact that we've special team had gathered over the past few weeks. Take the report for free or discard it and throw it aboard like a used sailor turned pirate from potato conflict on deck. We will report on some of the crucial subject which can turn APB upside or head down. The game mechanic The Player basis The reward The game Mechanic of this so call competitive third person shooter is by far the most authentic. I love how everything had it own benefit. Many people wrote about it before, its either a p2w or a paper rock scissor. But had you ever seen a man arm with only a pistol destroy an entire team of gold with full clan tag, gears and all the edgy weapon money could buy? Its not about the guns, its about how you play the game, how you win, how you set your enemy up and take em down. People do enjoy hanging in firefight more because it help with fighting. a small skirmish then head back to mission. People do forget the best part of this hidden game in APB is the ram raider. The thieve on down time and the cops drinking their mug and throwing away their coffee. Yes... I don't know how they did it but they did it. The player basis. Consist of veteran. I do see people who still come back and play this game after they ran away to play game such as Warframe or other game that require a minimum of cooperativeness from teammate. Player do scream at other for not doing what they are suppose to. Such as be in a position or help them achieve their goals. Some of them even abuse the rank. If you are gold you are automatically enable your hate speech down the channel of silver and bronze. But those are the very heavily toxic player even my toxic radar meter broke off it grid meter. There is however the few nicer people. They are so nice, they are nice enough to let you borrow their legendary? No! I know some of the more scammer type are probably reading my topic and figuring newer way to steal people legendary. That isn't cool. The reward of play this game is so little you wish you were playing with your dog instead. bye!
  13. You know you bring it low when you say the N word.
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