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  1. Greetings readers! I would be very happy if someone could help me here. So my account in APB was blocked for no reason! I wrote to support and they answered me that I used some kind of well-known cheat. But it's not! I have never used cheats! I've been playing for 10 years now. Always played fair! In addition, I have 2 characters of 255 rank. I was blocked by mistake! I physically never used cheats and never downloaded them! But I have an assumption that my account was hacked and played with cheats! I asked those support to provide me with information from which IP the last login was made. BUT support refused to give me such information. In addition, incompetent people work in support. they told me the month in which the last login to the account was made, namely July 2022. But this is not true. The last time I logged into the game was around 11/30/2022. But not like not in July 2022. In support, they can’t even tell the exact month of logging into the account. As I understand it, this campaign does not care about its players and they do not even want to understand the problems. I really like that my account in which I invested my soul, time and money was unfairly blocked. My nickname in the game:Alunda / Nikael3
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