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    So this is a thing now

    where are you from? Ameri, oops my wooden hosue is gone in the wind country?
  2. makes one wonder what the CM requirements were, many of them seem not to be able to even know the guidelines/rules.
  3. No they quit because the game runs bad on client and serverside, cheaters are still an issues (at leats on Citadell). And yes noob protection and matchmaking has its issues especially with dethreathing. @Op we had no Threat districts and no one was there anymore playing on them. If you make this the default mode you just lose even more people.
  4. and lootboxes, Why risk money when you can buy something for sure?
  5. hey matt, you cna still slap the 4 Slot Moirai into those contacts, thats at leats a car not available yet with 4 slots. (only via Armas). + any chances we get the han cellante back as a customizeable car?
  6. LilyV3

    Light machine guns in apb.

    their role is so niche and tin that hardly anyone uses them. an Alig at best at times, but thats it, becaue it has a role due to the AV ability. Also, what about the swarm's? have they been chaged lately? their weird horizontal recoil was always pretty bad.
  7. Dunno, google search is highly affected by a persons searching and internet habits I for example do not get that kind of screen, so we might question where you hang around. (but we don't hae to because thats your past chasing you there i guess :P) at least googling apb screenshot gives me this
  8. because only weird people understand other weird people :D
  9. pretty sure 31m isn't much, just loo at those people with laods of legendaries in the aucton, they pretty surely haea lot more.
  10. do you think a squirrel thats trained to be capable to travel and live under the water is managing to stay mentally unharmed when livign with those derps? it just was a matter of time to make this happen. @OP, now deisgn a boat mobile car. and also a frenso with a highe spongebob on it.
  11. this would give cheaters with aimbots or hitbox highlights, just even more of an advantage over the regular player. We shouldn't plan game features around cheaters. but the anticheat should be imporved to detect triggerbots.
  12. Oh that sounds great, its such an old suggestion that finally may come true.
  13. dear Matt, since you can merge Servers, Why don't we have a master account server and just get local play servers? This way everyone could play anywhere around the world depending on what time populates which area. Also you could spread out servers more, because you could make 1 asia FIN/WF, one at the east and westcoast of the US and so on. people could at least at their regional main times get a good latency while at offtimes they can find populated servers but may suffer some latency downsides.
  14. LilyV3


    I still think Harry Potter should have ended with the authorities rescuing a near dead Harry from under the stairs, his aunt and uncle arrested for child abuse... the whole Hogwarts thing being a fantasy created to escape reality. And up until today, some boy with his weird fantasy still lives under a staircase.
  15. LilyV3


    Oh, it's soon this time of the year again. And wow I wonder how LO is going to handle that no 1 exploited event.
  16. But people say there are no cheaters anymore, so all that videos must be edited fakes.
  17. not when the price is all 0's but other numbers make things ... difficult.
  18. it's not forbidden, tu indeed these scamming people taking advantages of lazy non price double checking people like you. Also It's APB its about crims vs borderline legal "cops". So what do you expect? :P
  19. his sig says jericho, sooo, he lives on that other APB.
  20. LilyV3

    Why you only need a 4x4

    iirc the coywolf was made when racing kinda was a thing in the community so they made a bit or a touring car.
  21. looks like hes playing a one man table tennis match and hes the ball new ingame features confirmed? sports district? can we get a 2vs2 beach volleyball pls.
  22. LilyV3

    N-Hvr Changes

    still not logically, nor intiuitive, there needs to be an ingame description to reflect that, especially since this doesn't count for other snipers.
  23. LilyV3

    Why you only need a 4x4

    The disadvantage is that you have to pay 100$ to spawn it instead of 25/50$. And the big cars dont need a nerf. Its the custom ones which need a buff. just make the cisco and kurai double as heavy as they are and the moirai half a meter shorter and him him some suspension the moirai just lacks durability, yes it drives a bit in its unique way. but thats what cars should be like. But it, and most others are just useless when a single nade can instagib them. Especially wince the game has a bad habit spawning opponents right between you and the next objective. And so you often drive by them and anyone in a one nade kill car is just dead. its a very fine starter car tbh, sure it isn't fast, but its very nimble, can squeeze in many funny locations and doingi t's job great as a starter car.
  24. the only way to not meet a cheate ris nto to play, or maybe you are on han where you dont encounter people, but surely not Citadel, you need to be blind to not meet any cheaters at all if you play the game.