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  1. you know newbies are usually in lower rank districts and usually don't get ranked with the high ranks. And if they get they usually don't see much to fight since the high ranks who know the game farm the stuff away. Don't forget we talk about real newbies not rerolls who know how the game works.
  2. I don' know if that is a good decision. Isn't FC the better way for newbies to lern a gun because breaktimes between seath is much shorter. This feels like a bad step backwards in regards to help new players. Just give us beacon back which is a fast FC and the best one for newbies. When I started the game, going FC was one of the first things I did because you get more guntime than on Action districts. + all he reroll hackers are now hanging around in districts as well. have you tried this with a low rank character? you know rank ewards differ with the character tier. and your results will hardly reflect a newbies gameplay, so here we got th typical "elitist" (really not meant negatively) view on things which turn out extremely different for a real newbie.
  3. And here it is again, since we hadn't one iin a while. Short story for Matt and LO. Once uppon a time there was a little car called "Han cellante" it was available for players as the a starter car. Unfortunately little Cellante was really crappy and people didn't liked it, So it was replaced with the Calabria. Then some time latter a little car appeared as an NPC vehicle. This little car is a renewed NPC version of the Han Cellante as Trexxon Special, and while little Cellante was away it trained hard to be better now. I really would like that car to be available again to players with the changes they did because the car drives great nowdays, even if it isn't the top of the line I speed or durability. It also has great potential for customisation as the back is having no window and is a pretty big.
  4. was that even a "false ban" for hacking based on the anti cheat tools or just a false for some ToS violation or some weird manual reports other players have sent?
  5. LilyV3

    Jericho Server Packet Loss

    Yeah I guess those bans triggered someone ^^.
  6. LilyV3


    Oh my i remember when I had to do nightmare Athel Yenlui alone as my friend died. it was really weird running in circles for ages and tapping on the ring turning. Vermintide is definately a great fun. But so damn unforgiving and needs so much dedication.
  7. ha, this reminds me when we had no district spin up and you had (or were automatically) put into a bronze district when you were gold, you could easily wait 30+ minutes and not get any opposition. Wow, was that horrible.
  8. It's really sad that we do not have a way to get this back, like when someone buys via PayPal or such.
  9. Is there really an NDA? didn't Matt say they can post screens when it's on OTW, which it seems to not be atm.
  10. coding wise of course, because you would need a proper way to import export models between different games, or the "character game" if you make that a stand alone application that should feed multiple games with the customized character.
  11. yes the high and low gold skill difference is big, but what is the solution? Today as a group of 3 golds getting opposition is an issue. Making a tighter determination for threats would not solve the real issues: the lack of people available to match at the same threat level. Often enough a group of 2 golds gets silver and even bronzes opposed due to the lack of proper opponents.. So even if you would cut those gold levels into like gold 1 - gold30 for a finer determination between the gold levels the number of players is not sufficient to make a proper use of those better slicing of gold levels. if we had like 2,5k players again at prime time evenings as Obeya did and then had district crossing MM yes then a better slicing would make sense. But atm that's unfeasible, or at least would not have a real impact in improving MM.
  12. yeah mouse wheel and left click seem to get issues pretty early. (first one died by non functional left mouse button), and this one gets wheel issues. But then not sure if the first one got destroyed by the n-tec gamplay and the second one by MWO (in which i need to click the Mousewheel a lot). I wish somewhen somewhere someone does such a mouse again, Sad that logitech never made such an approach, but I guess they are more into standard shooters where a few buttons do it.
  13. mad catz M.M.O.7 looks like there are only refurbished ones left. the main reason to have that mouse are basically the extra buttons on the side, since no other mouse has them in that way. They are all big and except form one I can reach them and not have issues like other mice with super lots of tiny ones on the side. And the action lock buttons are a great feature for games where developers thought interacting with a tree or rock is an action that should take like 15 seconds of holding a mouse button. those features are really some I never wanna miss again. Sure the mouse has also a ton of other unneeded things.
  14. yeah it is the people you play with that matters a lot. It's too sad that we cannot play together on joker anymore, that time was fun,, but driving alone on Jericho is poop by the delay it has. And the worst my mouse seems to be getting issues, yet I cannot replace it because no one else does that Kind of Mouse anymore : ( So I stick to irrelevant slow games and RPG's and RTS stuff.
  15. LilyV3

    Any more ban waves?

    some people seem to have reasons for being scared.
  16. LilyV3

    What game looks better?

    dem crims stealing even the light
  17. well, when a district starts some cars get chosen randomly, (there is no district or time related switch on cars) which then not makes their counterpart present. So I guess on servers like Jericho where just one silver district exists for ages it starts the impression of specific cars being removed.
  18. Some people are so dump that they don't even know what wrong stuff they do. I can imagine someone may never have cheated yet got banned because he probably made a few acoounts and sold one or a few of them and then someone cheated on those bought accounts, which connected his legit accounts with the cheated sold one. The amount of people who trade in APB for accounts and other games is a pretty regular sight. I've seen people posting ingame they buy LOL and PUBG accounts and offer APB stuff. And of course the other way around.
  19. LilyV3

    Can we get our old smileys back.

    So we got a ton of emojis now, But the old forum had a few very specific ones about APB, and I think also some Fallen Earth ones. Can we have them back too pls.
  20. If they would reroll legit, sure, but we know that is not the regular case with these people.
  21. LilyV3

    Do Not Take Every Fight

    3. is a pretty hard to tell, yet even If I don't like to try telling the game to be biased, I always felt like being crim makes this happen more often than Enforcer. So yes generally it's better trying to avoid killing opps when the objctive changes as it cna really make them spawn over there. Generally there are way too many people who always go to and fight the opponent and tdon't try to wait for the team.
  22. LilyV3

    Life is a lie

    you know exactly they just wanted cookies
  23. I feel sorry for the support and that upcoming mess to handle. Now all those cheaters will write a more or less crappy and soemtimes very adventurous ticket of how they were wrongly banned, got their account hacked or their brother using the cheat. On the other side yu could fill a evening with popcrn on those stories. GL with that LO.
  24. I doubt FE has the base to make that happen, On the other side amazing would be if LO made a "character" account that involves the full APB customisation and then creates games that pull a characters customisation from there either in the way APB does or exporting the whole skin and model as such.