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  1. just all, if we get a proper mdoern armas it wshould be possible to sell them all solo.
  2. LilyV3

    ehh oke

    Still not a reason to intentionally not using the Forum correctly. have you ever considered, that if this slips off the FP no one of the stuff might even read it ever? so do it properly in the Bug section. Especially, with this very remarkable thread title
  3. LilyV3

    ehh oke

    2 Questions: 1. what is the bug forum? 2. would you answer the phone? 1998 is calling they want their graphic back
  4. Not sure if really Trench feet or just damn old Grandma ones.
  5. soemwhere somewhen G1 said they cnanot make high boots because models and animations won't allow that. But maybe LO can with the new engine one day. as well as, trenchcoats. But I wish we had boots like hers, just without the high sole and without buckles, because for designign in APB it's vital that cloth are rather generic. That woudl be some great overknees. The current ones we have are screwed by the cording which is an unremovable feature. but cordign can be doen rather easily n the designer if it would be needed.
  6. why are so many people having issues with remote det? its the most easy to avoid. I've been blown up like only 5x in the game in regular missions, and that only because I didn't paid attention. if you regulary have issues with getting RD blown, you have just some awareness issues and trouble adapting quickly to the changed playstyle vs the detonator.
  7. LilyV3

    Pondering too much

    depend sonw hich zombie you hook on, in some movies/serioes they turn kidna into mummified jrky, on others the just regulary rot. The first one makes abit more sense, because if they rot, they woudl fall apart and the zombieapocalypse would be retty much over after a while.
  8. don't forget different peices of an outfit adapt colors different and soem create with the same color used an entirely different shade. Which is kinda sad as it makes deisgning harder if you want to match colors with 2 pieces of cloth that show the same color entirely different.
  9. you can still make symbols and use them n a cloth, but 3 would really be tough to make a wholesome outfit.
  10. LilyV3

    This event to you

    hes addicted, they always quit and instantly return to their habits.
  11. Paro pesos, Joker coins. Your moms stolen teeth fillings.
  12. hmm, my confusing words, trying to be less confusing. If the customer comes and breaks the vases intentionally in our nice glass shop, should we stop blaming the customer? The only way to prevent this is denying him glass vases, which then means the entire product is gone for sale. Thats sadly is what happens and happened over and over in APB with serveral occasions, because there is no technical fix. So the only proper consequence is to only allow those customers in our shop that actually behave and don't break vases intentionally. Ok, amybe its not less confusing but just explained differently.
  13. Thats not the point, the point is, when action had to be taken to prevent specific things to happen, all you could do is entirely remove what was supposed to become. Simply because there always was the one or the other kind of way many did abuse it.
  14. No, those who ruin the event don't deserve to be part of it. No one randomly or accidently starts greifing like this (repeatedly).
  15. there we are back at the "we can't ahve nice things" statement done ages ago by a old APB Staff member. if we only had active gm's kicking those people and banning them for the rest of the event.
  16. LilyV3

    Nice WORK Support

    ah good to know I get an answer in around 3 mont hthen :P
  17. well yes, sure the Lo support should have written bakc already telling you this, but dunno, tickets seem to take ages atm.
  18. Iirc for the link between APB and Steam you need to contact steam support not the APB support. because the link is done within Steam, not APB.
  19. LilyV3

    Epidemic - walk through

    sounds quite fun, lets see how it feels like.
  20. are you starting to open your christmas gifts at the beginning of december? or Birthday weeks earlier? event's shouldn' start weeks before the actual events.
  21. wow a halloween event thats starts, around halloween and not 3 weeks before it. nice.
  22. Well the n-tec is a full auto gun by design the game mechanics just don't support this role and every decent user uses the n-tec like a semi automatic. I sometimes just think the N-tec as what it is would make mroe sense when being a bit like the aces rifle: a gun you fire in some autobursts with the option to go full auto on closer ranges. But with a niche longer than the Aces rifle. Because honestly, the n-tec plays very much like the obeya on range but enjoys quite a lot advantages. This is why the Obeya is so underused in comparison as the obeya has a smaller niche but a lot more downsides outside it's niche.
  23. LilyV3

    Matchmaking and Threat

    The cross district MM idea is quite old, and yes it is the only optimised solution we can get when it comes to the possible pool of players to choose from. It also automatically solves solutions of people dethreating and stomping lowies on districts they shouldn't be, As soon as they threta up again they get mached with proper opponenets again. One thing we still need to talk about is how threat is defined. This one seems to still leave a lot of inaccuracy making a lot people being labelled wrong. Yet this is also affected by bad matchups and dethreaters. So maybe this is worth a look after the district crossing MM is done and stuff has settled for like 1 or 2 month to see how threat definition is working when better and proper matchups happen. But please, even with shifting DO NOT remove instance choice, people should still manually be able to choose and meet in the same district, thats vital for non Mission gameplay related Events like racing, meeting, fooling around, etc.
  24. it is fine when people critisize things they have no idea about becaue they don't like how it feels. Thats point of feedback. What really hurts if those people come with a kind of indepth analysis and solution but they don't understand entirely how mechanics work. The IR thra dis a good example that shows again how many people, wbven old veterans have issues understanding what bloom is and how it works. because they deliver solutions which within themselves sounds logically. But anyone who knows how the mechanics work, also knows that this is a false logic. But how would Lo even sort this stuff out? They would need a kind of inner circle of people with knowledge who give feedback on possible fixes. Sadly, often enough these kind of people still follow an own agenda instead of working for the greater good of APB. yeah 95% of the goldies just used n-tec and N-HVR because they like how they look like. really keep telling you this., you might one day truly believe it. they were far superior, which is what makes them OP.
  25. Well, I don't know why people rushed back just because Lo took over. When they took over no engine overhaul would magically pop out of nowhere. But it might still be a good sign, because it shows hw many people still have interest in APB yet just wait for "better times" which emans, engine overhaul, stable servers, stable client performance, and some other issues the game has. If thats done the game can get and hold a lot moe players again. APB's loss of players was the lack of proper maintenance to stay on a healthy working level. People still love APB, but it i in a tehcnically bad state atm, and people hope it will get better so theay can return and be happy again.