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  1. if you like to waste your time, you could come to me, clean my room, vacuum the living room and do dishes.
  2. And I wanted to quite him not you xD things went wrong you were never ever actually quoted
  3. easy fix: everyone spawns with a worn out haz mat granting more time.
  4. Let me be one of them people telling you you are crazy. TzickyT you are Crazy D : you don't know TzickyT?
  5. Hello Matt, I really wonder how you will utilize the new anticheat. What will it's role be? help you investigate? if so, which crew will you have to monitor all the people reported? The thing with APB is we have 2 kinds of cheaters, the endless instant rerollers, and the ones keeping way too long in the game. Manually investigating, if you have the manpower, would prevent the secondo ne, which definitely is a good thing, but it will not really much prevent the first one. A proper configured FF would be the only way to detect the rage rerolling hackers going on full mad settings. No one because according to high elitists golds there aren't any cheaters, just bad silvers of course not, but let us not ignore the fact that Fortnite and it's success is responsible for all the other games now starting to copy it. Hardly many game gave any F about such a mode until it went superpopular again. So it is in the end the attemp to copy fortnites way of success. I woudl love a lot more of a territory control gamestyle, but not even TF2 kept evolving on that mode.
  6. It is a matter of game design and fairness. The game was designed to not provide a crosshair in specific situations. And no matter how much people claim to know the center of their screen, I am sure no one knows pixel exactly where this is. Now we have said screens able to project crosshairs and other easy methods to get one permanently which would never be able to be controlled by LO. This circumvents the intended mechanic and therefore we should for fairness reasons just get an permanent optional center dot for APB by LO. In the end what does APB lose? The crosshair which isn't there in specific situations? Has that ever really added a very relevant "feature" to the game? I don't think so.
  7. cmon seedy tracers were not an RTW thing, they worked a loong time till G1 broke them wit some update. But Tracers and Working traffic lights is indeed something I would like to have back. + removing the "deadzones" when outside a mission, because jumping on roofs gave a lot entertainment. none of these 3 are rtw things, they were just much later changed by G1.
  8. I am not talking about the free sticker that came in a bubble gum pack, I am talking about actual collectible card stuff, where you just get random cards of an entire collection and nothing else. Stuff like https://www.mytoys.de/topps-topps-bundesliga-saison-2018-2019-multipack-mit-11-tueten-10914957.html?sku=10914957&mc=deu_mts_onl_sea_google_mytoys-product-listing-ads_Sammelsticker_10914957&gclid=EAIaIQobChMIndfom7C-4gIVCs-yCh1sjQ8lEAkYBSABEgIYK_D_BwE or just any other TGC like magic, Yu Gi Oh and so on. And pretty sure I could run my parents into $400 bills as well if I buy of such sticker or TGC packs as well. The more important question here is why parents give their payment information freely available to their children within a digital medium. So if lootboxes fall under gambling and only be for adults, then these stuff should too. otherwise the reasoning is pretty bad because any gaming company could come up with those examples not counting, and technically they are just that in a digital way.
  9. Wasn't APB anyways for adults by the TOS it had? In the end what will happen? The same as with those "Oh yes here I am born in 1930 so I am adult now let me continue" context requests And generally i do not understand this "it's gambling" thing. because if that's true, any sticker collection or trading card packs would fall under this as well. You cannot really blame the digital gaming industry having adopted that system. The issue is not the companies wanting money, that's their entire purpose at all, the issue are the idiots on customer side which utilize that system. if no customer ever had bought a lootbox, they wouldn't exist as a valid method of monetarization. in the end G1 could just make a fake lootbox, buy a JMB get 1 day premium and a free random prize Also, would this "lootbox" system also count for games with wheels of fortunes and other gambling related mechanics, like, here buy an item upgrade, where the item could even shatter?= because here you truly "lose" something without gaining anything at all. if those bill would be made by competent gaming relation having people they would have to cover a lot of the "hidden lootboxes" which just come with different names and shapes because the gaming industry was pretty creative making them in all sorts of shapes and systems.
  10. nice, now go for max weapon role without ever using a primary Act 44 is pretty MEH, it kinda ,even if the Golden marksman, feels way to unreliable hitting on distance, you are probably better with an RSA.
  11. Innova ran under an entire different company, you can be happy that G1 or anyone even took over those characters, plenty of MMO's never did such a thing at all.
  12. It is quite amazing how different the communication standards between the MWO and APB community are. Also, how strictly both are enforced in game and in forum. So definitely the unwilling for properly enforcing the rules has it's part in how the APB standards went down.
  13. The issue is, for the game to become better LO needs to make it a more fair experience. This means taking care of cheaters much better than it currently is, They didn't had to unban all cheaters, just those after a specific date when G1 went wild. all that we now have (again) is that cheaters learned in AB you can cheat wildly and sooner or later you get unbanned. and that happened a few times already. I have not seen any other game where a few legit bans led to full unbanning of all cheaters, but in APB we had that multiple times that entire waves were unbanned even the most blatants amongst them. And if making the game a fairer one for all is something devs take seriously, they would not unban like that. And they would also take care of people dethreating, griefing, exploiting or even this
  14. and LO nullified this by unbanning everyone, so in the end it was pointless. And so far we do not know LO's stance upon this, nor have i seen or heard of such actions from LO side.
  15. New players should have better access to Joker Tickets. It is nice that we have gotten additional Joker Ticket activities in the districts, but iirc G1 lowered the FC rewards when that came.
  16. When you rip cars, can you rip them form the car editor? Is that more QL then? If you want I can make screens of all my cars and then post you a link and you can choose which you would like to rip, if you even would like to rip any at all. I kinda would like to reactivate a few Vocaloid patrol players and see if we can make a group, even if I latency wise cannot play on Jericho anymore, I still love and miss my buddies form over there.
  17. I don't want riot, it is still kinda a sort of battle royal gameplay I want a properly designed chaos district where we can fight for territorial control and tasks within these. We did had Chaos districts but they had no higher goal than just killing each others and a bad selection of spawns leading everyone to meet at the spawn zones making most parts of the map useless. Give us territorial control via graffiti sprays. Then give various factions various activities within territorial claim: Enforcers getting missions to deliver Money with cars or Blue steels, or organs needing to be delivered. And Crims can try to intercept this. Criminals in their owned districts can pillage and rob and Enfos need to intercept this. * all whatever the current missions do, like hacking stuff, taking delicate photos of people, etc. And everyone around can participate in those activities. G1 just gave up on the chaos district mode after setting it up gathering feedback and never mentioning it again.
  18. population ging to 0 had nothing to do with that but hey "we are going to unban everyone" -mattscott, moments before lots of legit players regulary throwing money at the game mentally quitted apb.
  19. but you do not have to read them, just look who is quoted and skip that part, it's all just a matter of your own mental strength. ignore just still helps to filter posts form having to do that all the time.
  20. the huge rants of some of the most blatant cheaters shows quite well how mad and therefore how well punishing a ban is, even if they can just reroll a new account. And APB dollars wiped, WOW, the most worthless currency in APB. There are a lot more things to those cheaters accounts that they value than APB $. It is also not about a bias, which you seem to not understand. And you yourself even show what the problem is, Matt unbanned people who were wrongly banned, which is good, but hardly any of them kept playing. Yet he unbanned thousands of not wrongly banned cheaters and this also drove a lot people away form the game. If you think this was positively for the game, then you are the one who is biased and killing his braincells by constantly telling and believing own lies. It was not positive for the game and Player numbers are still in decline. It was only positive for the negligible few wrongly banned ones that still play And those cheaters who valued their accounts having gotten them back despite cheating and ruining the game for others. facts don't have bias, and look at the player numbers, they are getting lower and lower day by day. or keep living in denial. But I wonder what those people in denial will do should the servers ever actually shut down forever.
  21. if you are that much annoyed by one users pointlessness to this forum, just put him on the ignore and you never have to read it again.
  22. do you believe the majority of these banned accounts were non cheaters?
  23. Unbanning all those cheaters surely was not cleaning up the mess. And I don't think it is caring as well. literally giving thousends of cheating accounts free again is far from caring.
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