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  1. IMO, the respawn system is enough punishment. The people who like the themes: Leave it on The people who don't like the themes, but want others to hear their theme: Leave it on While the rest of us who really don't like them: Turn it off For the last group, they probably already have their Music folder renamed, so the only difference would be a less hassle in-game option. Putting aside that some themes are made just to make people's ears bleed, I would turn it off just to be more immersive. I think a volume slider would be the best option.
  2. This isn't a new suggestion, but it's something I would really like to see added to the engine upgrade since you guys are already coding stuff. There are a couple workarounds to disable death themes, but they all have major drawbacks. Blocking the player: This isn't really an option IMO. You only fit about 50 people in the block list and once blocked you can no longer talk to them. Renaming the "Music" folder: This stops all custom made music from playing including music used in cars, social district and boom boxes. When updating APB, it will re-download the Music folder unless it's renamed back before updating which is a hassle. If you dig through the forums, you can find a few suggestions on how to make the death themes less obnoxious. One practical method is just to have the MVP's death theme play at the end of the mission. But considering how loud, annoying and obnoxious most people death themes are, I would prefer to not hear them at all. But... I would like to be able to hear custom made music that can be used in cars and boom boxes. I really like the idea of making my own music, but if I have the choice between (death themes and music) or (no death themes and no music), I'll take the latter hands down. Suggestion: I think ideally, there would be a separate volume control for death themes that doesn't affect custom made music. Although the easiest way would probably be just adding a check box in the audio section like: Play Death Themes ([default] Yes / No) If a user selects not to play death themes, their death themes won't play for other people either. If they want their death themes to be heard, they would have to leave it on Enabled and be able to hear others. I know some people put a lot of time and effort into making their death themes and want other people to hear them, but they are far out numbered by the people with the "RIIIING HELLO HELLO HELLO RIIIIING HELLO RIIING" themes. When I rename the Music folder effectively disabling death themes, nobody is the wiser. They have no clue their super annoying theme isn't blasting into my headphones. All I'm asking is for a built in option to disable them or adjust their volume to 0%.
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