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  1. thanks guys i dont play much so i didnt remember when the server goes down as always but thx
  2. guys the game is down or my computer got something i cannot log in for 2 hours
  3. MadGirl

    VOIP not working at all

    Will Be Fixed Soon
  4. yes specify the time ur on in the game so i open and let u win
  5. im sorry the file came from config files from his friend he just replace files ? i think its unfair bann everyone is using configs now
  6. Hey guys my friend removed grenades explosions from the game files and modify to off smoke and he got banned ? is this an error or its bannable ?
  7. ok i will screenshot them as soon i open apb
  8. MadGirl

    Error 12003

    Will be fixed soon
  9. Will Be there soon Just wait Little orbit working on the game to make it better *_*
  10. Ye it kicks u out sometimes but will be fixed soon
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