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  1. Nice, time to move on guys, we all deserve better, just uninstall this trash game
  2. Yeah, that’s totally what we’re waiting for, thanks, bye
  3. They don’t care. I can’t wait to see there are no player when there engine update finally come
  4. Maybe they just don’t wish to amend the notice lol
  5. I don’t care, give us redeem code or whatever, just give us something to grind for… fyi there are some weapons that can’t be obtained right now: https://apbdb.com/items/Weapon_Rifle_VBR-SD_PR3_Armas https://apbdb.com/items/Weapon_AssaultRifle_STAR-LCR_PR3_5Day https://apbdb.com/items/Weapon_AssaultRifle_NTEC-Scope_PR3_WinterSpecOps_FC https://apbdb.com/items/Weapon_SMG_OCA-SD_PR2_Armas or put some mods on some secondaries
  6. Just copy and paste from 2021, ez
  7. No, cause LO don’t care about current player base, just find a new game and move on
  8. LO doesn’t care about the current player base but dreaming about the game will be populated after the engine update, good luck for LO
  9. Weapon balance, please Please make weapons more accurate. Compare ar97 with other assault rifles lol #balance
  10. Commander, it is fun to see confused bronze: He shoots through cover, reported, Hax!!!
  11. LOL no one interested in word game or you guys really can’t tell I am joking…
  12. Omg why there are golds in bronze server I am so mad now so lets play WORD CHAIN game. Rule is simple, words must be related to apb. Example: : ntec : charge cisco : oscar etc… me first: Ursus
  13. Considering the high damage and accuracy, imo give it more reserve ammo just like the carbine is good enough.
  14. Ar97 , u don’t even need to tap fire with that thing or scoped ntec like nag said and pistol just use fbw/ .45ap
  15. Out of boundary, sometimes the warning doesn’t pop up
  16. try obeya cr762/ obir instead accurate and high damage
  17. Yeah, its annoying as f**k for me
  18. Thanks for your effort, but yeah I am not risking my account for a non-official download method. Let’s put it this way, how hard could it be to add your link in their post... to make it official
  19. Download with kb/s? no thanks They should put the beta client on mega or Google drive lol I know there are some nice players did that and shared the link, but we need a link from little orbit so we can make sure it’s a clean client.
  20. OCrazyGuyO

    Run out of memory.

    Never heard of the second one, will definitely try it out, thanks for sharing
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