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  1. There are no solutions; only better. The option to forfeit a lost match, instead of wait it out or throw oneself endlessly against opposition that is too good would be worth a potential matchmaking timeout or other penalty to some. The game is too hard on people trying to get into the game; more options for them would make things better for the system.
  2. Related to this, I wonder if there is some type of "forfeit" option. Maybe there are certain conditions where a team could choose to forfeit? E.g., perhaps when there is this imbalance, and then a forfeit option shows up. There are matches I stop playing because it isn't type 1 fun, and it won't even be type 2 fun, win, lose, or draw. I would happily forfeit, so I could get queued up for another match (even if there was a delay penalty for being the forfeiter), or leave the district, without having to wait X minutes.
  3. I noticed there wasn't premium when I logged on today.
  4. I may try a clean install of GPU driver, but I got a system where everything was a fresh install. I.e., out of the box. With GPU updates I'm sure after the first time running it. Nice research, in any case.
  5. I went from an RX 590 to an RTX 2070 with noticeable improvement*. *Except for those vertex crashes.
  6. Throwing my issue in here, since it is relatively consistent. Pretty much happens only when the spawn map pops up. I have an RTX 2070 Mobile. 05:20:10 - Log: Timed out while waiting for GPU to catch up. (500 ms) 05:20:11 - Thread: Thread RenderingThread created with stack 131070 and priority 'normal' 05:20:11 - APB_StatWatch: Stat FrameTime, trigger 3283.986328, base 43.086983, numframes 1, flags 0 05:20:11 - APB_StatWatch: Stall detected (trigger 3283.986328, threshold 500.000000) 05:20:11 - APB_StatWatch: Spike Summary (time): Day 0.222350 ToD 0.066999 Con 000 LCPs 0000 LCVs 0000 OSMs 0000 TCCs 0 : FT 3283.986328 FT_PrET 2.006900 _PrWT 0.092100 _Strm 0.540900 _PrTD 0.000900 _PNIx 0.010800 _TD 0.007400 _CToDT 0.000800 _FMT 0.022500 _ALT 0.000000 _ACDT 0.011100 _TOT 0.013500 _TT 1.789300 _AT_other 0.021100 _UCLT 0.314300 _G11 0.152300 _TNS 0.000000 _G08 0.009100 _PWT 2337.737793 _PnkB 0.000000 _GBT 0.000000 _GBA 0.000000 _GBW 0.000000 _BES 0.000000 _BER 0.000000 _BET 0.004100 _EACS 0.000000 _EACR 0.000000 _EACT 0.000000 _Vis 0.000000 _PFix 0.000000 _Aud 0.441400 _Hst 0.003900 _APBE 0.561000 _PET 939.786499 _FES 0.002300 _MBk 0.000000 _PostUTT 0.003600 FT_other 0.002800 05:20:11 - APB_StatWatch: Spike Summary (sub-tick): Day 0.222350 TT_PreAWAT 0.707600 _PreAWCT 0.000000 _DuringAWAT 0.285500 _DuringAWCT 0.015500 _WAWT 0.043700 _FetchRes 0.042700 _RBNotifies 0.007300 _PostAWAT 0.252500 _PostAWCT 0.000000 _LET 0.461200 TT_other 0.017000 TNS_STC 0.000000 TNS_STC_CA 0.000000 TNS_STC_PL 0.000000 TNS_STC_Rep 0.000000 TNS_STC_Sat 0.000000 TNS_other 0.000000 Audio_Mgr 0.255300 _Ww 0.004100 _MSM 0.001900 _Pri 0.172700 Audio_other 0.007400 Hst_WS 0.000000 Hst_AW 0.000000 Hst_AW_DL 0.000000 Hst_WS 0.000000 Hst_CD 0.000000 Hst_DS 0.000000 Hst_Mon 0.000000 Hst_Net 0.000000 Hst_Xml 0.000000 Hst_Sd 0.000000 Hst_other 0.003900 _GC 0.007800 05:20:11 - APB_StatWatch: Spike Summary (ren): Day 0.222350 PWT 2337.737793 PrWT 0.092100 PWT_PreRV 2333.319336 _RV 0.993200 _PostRV 3.417900 PWT_other 0.007324 RV_P 0.000000 _CPUren 0.000000 _UID 0.922200 _GMSB 0.000000 _GMSF 0.000000 RV_other 0.071000 CPUren_IV 1.191700 _D 0.232800 _B 1.707900 _SV 0.000000 _L 0.000000 _T 0.220100 _O 0.136500 _AL 0.000000 CPUren_other 1.274200 05:20:11 - APB_StatWatch: Spike Summary (RPC): Day 0.222350 InBytes 0 InPackets 0 TOTAL 0 05:20:11 - APB_StatWatch: Spike Summary (Ticks): TOTAL 20 cNPCSkeletalMeshActor (11) 0.02 cAPBVehicle (9) 0.04 05:20:11 - APB_Audio: Terminated audio NPC interface 1584696208 for vehicle 1946886144 05:20:11 - APB_Audio: Initialised audio NPC interface 2597922768 for vehicle 2804695040 05:20:11 - APB_Audio: AcAPBVehicleBase::SetAudioParameters called - 51 on interface 2597922768, actor 2804695040. Voice FE_CHI,FK_KOR1,FK_KOR3 05:20:11 - APB_Audio: Terminated audio NPC interface 2888737920 for vehicle 1945870336 05:20:11 - APB_Audio: Damage State 2 (0) 05:20:11 - Mem: Memory Event: Day 0.222350 VB 3094724608 Prev 3029696512 LgDev 1 Thresh 3013735680 Dev 0080988928 LgDelta 1 Lim 0010000000 Delta 0065028096 05:20:11 - Mem: Setting new raised memory threshold of 3063735680 05:20:11 - Critical: appError called: m_VertexBuffer->Lock(m_nNextVertexData, Size, &pData, VertexLockFlags) failed at Src\D3D9DrawPrimitiveUPWrapper.cpp:293 with error D3DERR_DEVICELOST 05:20:11 - Critical: Windows GetLastError: The operation completed successfully. (0) 05:20:11 - Log: Exception handler starts. 05:20:11 - Log: Main thread is suspended. 05:20:11 - Log: UE3 memory allocator is unlocked. 05:20:11 - Log: Memory freed for exception handler. 05:20:11 - Log: ErrorCode : 0x771146D2 05:20:11 - Log: Create minidump. 05:20:11 - Log: Create internal minidump: D:\SteamLibrary\steamapps\common\APB Reloaded\Binaries\..\APBGame\Logs\2021.01.22-21.10.33-15384.dmp 05:20:11 - Log: Create an empty file for the internal minidump. 05:20:11 - Log: Generate internal minidump with MiniDumpWriteDump. 05:20:11 - Log: MiniDumpWriteDump for internal minidump succeeded! 05:20:11 - Log: Generate external dump file name. 05:20:11 - Log: Create external minidump: D:\SteamLibrary\steamapps\common\APB Reloaded\Binaries\..\APBGame\Logs\2021.01.22-21.10.33-15384_Catcher.dmp 05:20:11 - Log: Copy the exception info to shared memory 05:20:11 - Log: Wake up APB_Catcher. 05:20:11 - Log: Wait for APB_Catcher to finish. 05:20:11 - Log: APB_Catcher failed! 05:20:11 - Log: Creating external mini-dump failed! 05:20:11 - Log: Process mindump file: D:\SteamLibrary\steamapps\common\APB Reloaded\Binaries\..\APBGame\Logs\2021.01.22-21.10.33-15384.dmp 05:20:11 - Log: kd.exe -z D:\SteamLibrary\steamapps\common\APB Reloaded\Binaries\..\APBGame\Logs\2021.01.22-21.10.33-15384.dmp -y "Lib/Release_USER;Symbols/Release_USER" -c ".ecxr;.lines -e;k 50;q" 05:20:11 - Log: Executable not found! 05:20:11 - Log: RunAppProc failed! 05:20:11 - Log: ProcessMiniDump failed! 05:20:11 - Log: Search for callstack text. 05:20:11 - Log: Callstack text not found. 05:20:11 - Log: 05:20:11 - Log: Exception: Sending CrashReport callback event... 05:20:11 - Log: Client crash report 05:20:11 - Log: Map financialdistrict_master 05:20:11 - Log: PlayerController location 76388.2 81118.1 62.7 05:20:11 - Log: Exception: Calling HandleError()... 05:20:11 - Log: === Critical error: === m_VertexBuffer->Lock(m_nNextVertexData, Size, &pData, VertexLockFlags) failed at Src\D3D9DrawPrimitiveUPWrapper.cpp:293 with error D3DERR_DEVICELOST
  7. Really good game when there is enough population. Hope that we can get people to join or come back.
  8. I'm with Fortune Runner. The frustration and disappointment all make sense, and people need a place to vent, but complaining about servers being dead is something that will discourage people from playing, and perpetuate the servers being dead. I'm not saying you have to encourage people to play, but players do have an impact regarding whether people join and stay, whether it is a gold rolling over trainees, or constant complaints about low population. It's clear that the people venting are missing the game, and they have an impact, and it could be positive. So, group with a trainee to improve their experience, invite a friend (and vent!), schedule some play sessions with cool people from the forums (like the LAPD group). LO and the majority of players know about low population. None of us are having the experience with this that we had years (or even half a year) ago, and that's required some changes in perception, but we can ride this out, whatever the outcome is, the best we can.
  9. tucsonfeuer

    Out of Memory

    I have a new laptop with a mobile 2070, not super or max-q, and I crash frequently, but I don't see an error message. Is there a way to see what the error is that caused the crash?
  10. I'm getting into vehicle design more, and need some income to fuel this effort. What kinds of vehicles sell well? I don't want to buy a $1M 4-slot, if what sells more often is the 3-slot, e.g. I keep track of what vehicles are out there when I'm playing, but can't always as easily keep track of how many slots the vehicles have, and not sure that's a good indication of what sells well (i.e., maybe they designed it themselves).
  11. I appreciate the hopeful and positive post. There's no other game that has captured my attention (even if waxing and waning) for so long. "Hope" is not a strategy, but I will do what I can to support them to be successful.
  12. Thank you! Not being able to afford premium, it's really been nice to be able to do all the customization I'd been yearning for all this time, and learn from others.
  13. I popped in like I do every morning, but, today, I have a 3-day Trade Lock and I can't put stuff up for auction. I don't see any emails or other in-game mail or notifications about an issue. Anyone know what might cause this?
  14. This just came up for me, yesterday. A friend wanted to get into a mission-driven 1v1, and we couldn't make it happen in an empty server. We didn't know (or forgot) that it wasn't possible to do 1v1 missions in that manner. I've been in a lot of good missions, but the most memorable have been well-played 1v1s with players with good attitudes. Perhaps it would be nice if there was a way to indicate preference for mission size? Or allow players to specifically challenge each other?
  15. To be vague about it, if you don't intend to literally profit from a direct note-for-note, instrument-for-instrument copy of a song, then you'll be ok. It's more complicated than that, but making a song/theme in this game and selling for APB$ should be ok. Additionally, it would be almost impossible to make a duplicate of a song (notes, tempo, etc.) using the in-game editor.
  16. I'm updating this for personal use, asking @StunStick about distribution. Anyone using this, though, and would have some changes they'd like to see?
  17. Don't really want a non-customizable Pioneer, if you're talking about the preset in the store. Given the HP nerf, is the Espacio still better than the T-25?
  18. For Criminal, I'm not fan of the Pioneer that is available. Is that airmech bomber what you are recommending over other vehicles available to criminals?
  19. Having problems again. Basic mouse, not automation that I can think of. Is there at least a way to not kick people from social for "autohotkey"?
  20. Another month, another BattlEye issue. When trying to get into Financial West Bronze on Jericho: "You were kicked by BattlEye for the following reason: 'Bad Service Version'". This started popping up around 9/2. I can get into Social just fine. I haven't tried many other districts, yet. So far, no help understanding this through BattlEye's site. Anyone in the community seeing this message?
  21. So, who would revise their opinion based on the nerf to the top-tier vehicle HP?
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