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Found 3 results

  1. Hey everyone, so you'd likely or not remember this, but i held this huge thread back in 2013 about hairstyles and colors for APB, along with misc suggestions. Long story short, i am bring it back. Short story longer, i am also adding new suggestions and somewhat updating the thread to be easy to read, in case LITTLE ORBIT is interesting in perusing this OLD but GOLD suggestion. *Obviously, i am trying to update the thread here with new hairstyles, so brace yourselves for weird changes in the format or content of the thread.* ✦ Why? Like I've said before, it isn't much that there is a lack of hairstyles themselves, but lack of viable, modern and different choice choices. APB trives in customization and building your ideal character, but the lack of options on hairstyles sort of handicaps that. Take the current playerbase as an example, out of the 20 or so hairstyles, only 3 or 4 are used and some of us even went as far to emulate our own hairstyles with the help of the superb tattoo customization. Hell, we've got like a thousand different kinds of bald. It really hits home on a game with a slogan "be who you can't be"* to have so little choice in character creation. ★ Objective Despite what it might look like, the main objective of this topic is give an GENERAL idea of desired hairstyles. Like a reference and source for all the kind of hairstyles. Not to enforce any DEV into doing my or anyones bidding, but rather to make it easier for ANY DEVELOPER to make this a reality. ✎ Friendly and related suggestions - still under construction, mainly because old threads were wiped off, some of them date back to before 2011 - ✫ Misc/ QoL suggestions There is a lot that can be do to improve, even though APB hairstyle system was ahead of its time, it can still have a bit of QoL (quality of life improvements) and other refinements: Better textures for the current hairstyles ( current ones are outdated or extremely messy ) More colors to chose from, many players have expressed to want a color wheel of sorts, to chose which ever color they want, rather than a selected color grid. The ability to add HIGH LIGHTS to hairstyles. Possibly via something like that clothing system, where we can input symbols to our hair, just like we do to our hats or full masks. Longer scalable hairstyles. Enable us to scale even further certain hairstyles More hairs with the ability to be scaled. New Camera angle for the head in particular, as it is particularly awful to manipulate head items/ like our hair now. (suggestion from WhiteSocks: ) ability to change parts of our hair (add/remove), as a make your own hairstyle thing: bang style/ back style.. etc .... List bellow, pictures of hairstyles or even clips: i will add it in to the list. (also brace yourselves for a thread make over, i will reorganize this better) Male Hairstyles same sizzle hairdude 1 hairdude 2 hairdude 3 hairdude 4 hairdude 5 hairdude 6 hairdude 7 hairdude 8 Female hairstyles - sorry for the mess, i am with problems here -
  2. Hi everyone, I just wanted to show you my character customization I did 4-5 years ago on Star Wars' Theme, Darth Maul. I know there are a lot of flaws but I remember having a hard time to do it and I don't really want to change it now. Tell me what you think about it, Hope you'll enjoy it.
  3. Some of you might remember that I already made this thread on the old forums. With LO taking over APB, and the game finally looking like it might become something, I think it is time to share this idea (again), which is still relevant in my opinion. Every now and then I see people complaining about how there are only a few hairstyles that everybody is using, and asking for more alternatives. I’m pretty sure that no matter how many new hairstyles you can come up with, they will never fully satisfy them. Or could they ? You know how car makers sometimes claim that their car can be customized with “X million possible combinations”. The idea is more or less the same : Building hairstyles from different layers, just like you can make your own outfit from different jackets, trousers and shoes. The idea came to me after playing a certain game (we’ll call it JinGaku), and realizing that it allowed me to easily create almost any character I could think of by combining a handful of elements together. Searching for other threads on the topic before (re-)creating this one, I found Yekaterina’s post about a similar concept. To give you a preview of how it could work, including the UI, here are a few screenshots that I took from a translated version of JinGaku’s character editor : 1st LAYER – FRONT HAIR (With possibility to mirror the selected model, which is nice !) 2nd LAYER - BACK HAIR (Note how there is actually only a few styles to choose from – about 30 I think ?) 3rd LAYER – SIDE HAIR 4th LAYER – EXTENSIONS/DETAILS Combine all this with APB’s ability to choose width/length of said hair, and you basically get one of the best character editor ever available in a multiplayer game. Instead of creating one new possibility at a time, you multiply the number of possibilities for each new element added to the game. From about 90~100 “parts”, you can easily get 250.000 combinations ! I’m sure you could even find a way to sell those as packs or individual items, and I’d definitely buy it if it allowed me to make the character I have in mind. Cash in the bank + Happy players + More customization (which is a great selling point of APB) … It’s a win for everyone !
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