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  1. Guessing it's still down because I cant get in EDIT: Nevermind im actually dumb
  2. We're getting some issues on Jericho right now, its giving me flashbacks to 2015 lol
  3. So I was in my vehicle editor on an alt character on Citadel and noticed something strange, the Coywolf and Firebomb cost 10k in game cash instead of Joker tickets, I bought them to see if it was just an error but lo and behold they're in my garage now. I went to my main on Jericho to see if it was like that on all characters but it wasn't. this is strange.
  4. Yeah I'm not gonna bother, was fun while it lasted, but I'll just wait ten more years until the engine is live.
  5. Well i WAS in, until it logged out and now i got error code 8. GG
  6. Yeah i still can't get in, i'm guessing it's because of the amount of people trying to log in at once.
  7. We need Josh, the human avatar of All Points Bulletin to be SOMEWHERE in the game, why not the Joker Store? Honestly, he did so much for APB and he even got a tattoo that was picked by thousands of random gamers. Bring back Josh.
  8. I would love to get those clients. i can send you my discord in a PM
  9. You used to main an ATAC from armas and percs. Dumbass.
  10. Still not working, it's not downloading the file. EDIT: Reinstalling.
  11. I tried to patch the OTW APB because it showed it needed updating, it keeps showing an "ERROR" button and saying "1 file download failed Binaries\APBprogram:StatusApply", I have tried to repair it but it still won't work, any help? Thanks! - Amaryste (Joker)
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