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  1. yes i hope they add linux support
  2. Honestly i want them to support proton and enable battle eye for proton but i wonder why they don't switch to unreal 4 instead those older unreal engines are a pain to work in compare to unreal 4 and ue4 is pretty easy to work on and is a joy to use but there might be a reason why also i am happy they took this decision since knowing from experience from game development and the way it looking for them it would take month and even a full year or two to make this happen i just hope they can fix it if they can't well i hope they open source apb so it doesn't become dead and fans can make servers to keep the game alive am in a another commuity for a old bungie game called Oni and we made a engine upgrade by rebuilding it to add more features and keep that game alive i just hope they can make apb great again and fix the shit gamerfirst did with apb in the last few years
  3. i would apply but i am never really in the forums that much
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