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  1. adding supercars to this game would make it hella boring and generic, everyone would be driving around in one then
  2. No, no ricer stuff, if you want a ricer get the bishada and it's kits
  3. I had some ideas for new kits or revamps for the current kits. Some of the kits are horribly dated and haven't aged well, like most of the bishada kits. I was thinking more stuff based off of irl tuner parts and cars, maybe like a trd-esque kit for the rapier or maybe more porsche oriented kits for it. Or maybe for the growl there could be some stuff based off of callaways like the aerowagen with sc757 package which has the supercharger sticking through the bonnet or the callaway gt3-r. Most of you are probably gonna disagree with me or are gonna say that they're not gonna do it, but I really hope they do cause this game's customization needs an overhaul. And they don't even have to be anything close to what i suggested but just more modern stuff and stuff that fits the cars.
  4. I just want to have the option to see what the world looks like in first person, nothing more nothing less. I just think that the world looks so small with this third person camera.
  5. I thought it would be a really cool idea to make a first person camera. I'm not talking about a gta like fps where there's fancy models for the weapons and interiors of the cars but I'm just talking about the camera perspective. I've always wanted to take a closer look at the interior of my cars and wanted to see what it's like to do missions from a first person perspective.
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