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Found 3 results

  1. This can be an issue for long time players too but mostly for new players who are freshly starting with APB. I'm not trying to say that the possibilty to change the camera distance is an issue per se but there're tons of players who might not know that his is even possible to do. When you're creating a fresh new account, start playing APB: Reloaded for the first time, spawning on the district then the default camera distance is set to be the closest to your character. Of course there's the possibility to zoom out the camera when you press "default button -" but this isn't explained in the tutorial neither does everyone have knowledge of camera distance and FOV in shooters that's possibile to change it. I've seen several youtube videos, streams, footages of players but also friends playing with the camera zoomed to the closest point where most of them don't even know they can move the camera distance. The small suggestion but improvement would be: Change the default camera distance to the maximum distance (zoomed out) for new accounts. Add a zoom in/out task to the tutorial so you have to complete it at least once. The only reason I can think of why the camera is zoomed in on a new account is probably the first impression, immersion and the feeling of joining a world where Enforcers fight against Criminals. To compare the differance of the camera distance, I've taken several screenshots with a new account. They're hiding in the spoiler box.
  2. I thought it would be a really cool idea to make a first person camera. I'm not talking about a gta like fps where there's fancy models for the weapons and interiors of the cars but I'm just talking about the camera perspective. I've always wanted to take a closer look at the interior of my cars and wanted to see what it's like to do missions from a first person perspective.
  3. Hey there! What you guys think about some movement effects for the camera. Currently the camera just follows your character without doing anything. But in my opinion small shake effects can change the quality of the game a littlebit. As example we could have a tiny shake effect for running and a littlebit more shake effect for sprinting. Or if you drive your car and ram other objects there could be a small to heavy shake effect based on your speed and what you actually rammed. Is that maybe something they should look into for UE4? I found this concept video (which is actually the reason I wrote this suggestion). Walking: 0:42 / 1:07 Driving: 2:05 / 2:15
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