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  1. @MattScott Just out curiousity, are we allowed to know some specs for the new servers? I would like to know, since i like hardware stuff
  2. OP is like, can anyone find me better cheats? The cheats i am using are outdated, they wont let me join the game AAAAAAAAAAAAAANNNNNNNNYYYYYYYYYMOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOORRRRRRREEEEEEE, Fairfight was so much better to bypass and so much cheaper aswell, I could use these cheats for the past 9 months without any updates!!! Dear Janelle aka THE REAL MVP, you have to contact the support for any issues regarding the Launcher, but be aware the number of current tickets raised up above 6000. However, stay patient, drink a coffee, take a nap, you wont join the game anytime soon again, unless you going to create a new account, may think of reinstalling a clean windows with a clean install of APB - Reloaded. /Regards Me the not so real MVP (only once in awhile)
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